Sven Walliser (@svenwallisercom)


The pursuit of photography is a perfect blend of art and science, geared towards and expressed through passion. It is as much about capturing the world around oneself as it is the world within, depicting innermost feelings through the lens of a camera. A photographer sees the world through a unique perspective, and finds beauty and emotion in the most mundane activities, the plainest sites. Spending time with a photographer allows you to experience the world in a remarkable way, so much so that your perspective thereafter may dramatically change. One photographer who embodies these ideals and constantly strives to improve his craft is German photographer Sven Walliser. 

Sven was born on 3rd January, 1980 and now works as a professional photographer covering events, commercials, fashion and more. His interest in photography stemmed from an early age as he was always interested in capturing moments and preserving them for eternity – to look back on as fond memories. To do so he turned to photography, starting with analogue films with 24 or 36 colors. Over time, his grew to incorporate other capturing devices, but has always felt an affinity for the Nikon brand and has prospered in his photography career just as the company has.

Throughout his career, Sven Walliser has had many notable moments that helped shaped his trajectory and gave him the drive to continue in the most difficult of circumstances. According to him, the two greatest events of his career were getting to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Jackson family – whom he had a deep admiration for. He worked with Schwarzenegger and Jermaine Jackson as a personal and exclusive photographer, even getting the opportunity to make a four-day reportage with the latter. According to him, the best parts about the experience were getting the opportunity to constantly be working at Jermaine’s side and gaining the liking of Michael Jackson, who eventually hired him as his personal photographer. Our lives are shaped by those around us and our career by the people we have opportunities to work with, and these instances are sure to have played a major role in propelling him even further as well as kindling his ambition and passion. 

Throughout his career Sven has exhibited a remarkable tenacity by continuing to push farther and farther despite obstacles and shortfalls, and continuing to learn and grow through all life events. Like all budding artists, Sven took to social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and has grown steadily because of his unique style and remarkable talent. He now has over 12k followers on Instagram where he frequently shares pieces from his shoots as well as information regarding upcoming projects. Apart from social media, he also has his own website where prospective clients can take a look as his impressive portfolio and book photoshoots and events. His website encapsulates his personal vision and gives a strong indication of who the person behind the lens is, which is often an integral part of what customers value. 

Sven has always been very taken by the Nikon brand. He now possesses state of the art technology, some of the latest mirrorless cameras, the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7. His work promises the best results in terms of design, quality and coverage. In fact, they pride themselves for being the strongest in planning and conceptualizing various designs and media productions for social media!


We cannot help but admire someone who knows what they want and what brings them inner peace and joy, and pushes to make that a fixture of their everyday reality. Apart from talent and success, what is admirable about people like Sven is the amount of hard work they put into making their dreams a reality and pursue opportunities without hesitation or regret. He is an incredibly inspirational person to follow, and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing and Snapchat if you wish to connect with him and learn more about his story and journey. Our growth is propelled by the people we look to for guidance and insight, and he is definitely on the road to higher and higher successes – and taking those who follow him alongside. 

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