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In the present-day world, brand new fashions and styles are grabbing everyone’s attention. New outfits, accessories, and attires pop up in the market in no time. Clothing brands, foot-wear brands, and other brands of accessories are trying their best to launch ravishing items to attract people from all over the world to buy their products. They come up with aesthetic and modish items to surge their sales and aggrandize the enthusiasm of people towards fashion. However, the trend of wearing fashionable and stylish clothes is climbing the chart nowadays. Therefore, people all around the globe, have become so conscious in choosing their outfit such that it matches with the ongoing fashion and style. They buy elegant and branded attire to wear on important occasions. Hence, when it comes to choosing branded and the most complacent-quality outfits at reasonable rates then Iran’s biggest Men clothing brand called ‘Set Men’ tops the list. 

Set Men is Iran’s most fascinated and the largest Men’s clothing store with trustworthy and effective online shipping services. This store is located in Tehran, Gharb town, Tree Boulevard, corner of Taimeh, Mother Complex, 3rd floor.

10Set Men clothing store includes the mesmerizing collection of shirts, shoes, wristwatches, waistcoats, full-suits, rings, belts, pants, bags, jackets, and much more. One would surely go out of words while having a look at their versatile collection of items and accessories. All the products and attires are just dazzling and splendid. Their outfit collection has a vast variety of suits for instance: party-wears, wedding suits, festive-attires, and casual-wears. This collection entails waistcoats, blouses, sweatshirts, coats, full-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, and full-suits. The full-sleeved shirts have a collar and a cuff on each sleeve. The border may be straight or U-shaped. There are different sizes for each shirt such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. These full-sleeved shirts have beautiful and eye-catching designs for instance: floral designs, check-designs, paisley, motifs, batiks, gingham, madras, pencil strip designs, and leopard designs, etc; whereas, the T-shirts are simple and charming. The waist-coats are sleeve-less and available in several attractive colours. The full-suit collection of the Set Men store is strenuous and astounding. Their full-suit comprises of a full-sleeved collared shirt, waist-coat, necktie, trousers, and coat. It is of many types such as semi-formal, dinner-suit, and the black-long suit. Set Men’s blouse and sweatshirt collection are commendable and a sight for sore eyes. The sweatshirts are often long with a hood at the top. They are made of a fabric similar to that of sweatpants.


Furthermore, their shoe collection is just engrossing and luring. Their foot-wear collection includes sneakers, joggers, derby, brogue, and loafers. Sneakers are manufactured from high-quality rubber and are comfortable for exercise and casual wear. Joggers are manufactured from leather and knit fabric and are worn for running or jogging. Their Derby, Brogue, and loafers are made of excellent quality leather and are worn on formal occasions. 

Moreover, the jeans collection of Set Men store is made up of high-quality denim or dungaree fabric. Their jeans are immensely comfortable owing to their stretchable quality and no loss of colour. They give a perfect outlook to legs and their ravishing designs capture everyone’s attention.


Besides that, the products of accessories such as belts, bracelets, rings, and wrist-watches are bewitching and magnetic. The belts are manufactured from high-quality leather; the rings are made up of steel and are available in many colours such as golden, silver, and copper. The wrist-watches are of wonderful timbre packed in hard boxes.

They also have their official website known as ‘’ from where people can shop their glamorous products online by just one tap. Along with that, they run their own TV show named ‘Set show’ where they teach men how to develop a gentle appearance. 

To know more about Set Men clothing store, check out the links given below:

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