Nathan Hall (@_nathan.hall)


There are very few people in the world who manage to think out of the box and try to help the community around them. Nathan Hall is one of those people! At 24 years old, he’s making huge developments in his career and also the lives of the people around him. Not only is he the co-founder of a successful content removal agency, but he is also a practicing lawyer with a booming career!

As a young child, Hall was extremely ambitious. He would top all his classes and get amazing grades at school. He also had a very positive and constructive attitude towards learning. Due to this, attitude, he was able to achieve so much so early in his life. As he grew up, Hall faced many problems. But he continued to use his positive outlook in life to solve these problems as they came along his way. He was also a very compassionate child and would show great concern for the wellbeing of others. After seeing the extent of harm that can be done to people on social media, he took a stand against it. 

When Hall was completing his university education, he decided to take a firm stand against harmful and negative content online. He saw how people, and even businesses, could be easily bullied by a bunch of angry anonymous haters on social media and how their self-esteem and productivity would be ruined. He saw how one business owner suffered when 23- 1-star reviews were left on his business page by anonymous, fake accounts. Hall wanted to make a significant difference in the lives of these people. He also wanted to protect the online image of businesses, especially smaller businesses. He paired up with his cousin to explore the different things he could do to battle fake and negative online reviews. They worked hard and were soon able to get in touch with Google. The company helped them remove some fake online reviews from the Google Business profile of one of Hall’s friends. After seeing how relieved his friend was, Hall decided that he wanted to create a whole agency dedicated to such work. This is how his fake content removal agency “Eraise” came into being. Eraise is currently working successfully to remove fake online reviews from the internet that could potentially harm the integrity of businesses and even has an Instagram page (@eraise_agency).

After establishing his agency, Hall proceeded to complete his education. He currently has a Master’s degree in Business and a Bachelor of Laws. Based in Adelaide, he works with a successful Law firm known as Adero Law. Hall is not only a compassionate person and an efficient business owner, but he is also a great lawyer. He developed an interest in negotiation and debate during a negotiation based course he was taking in Michigan, USA. His negotiation skills have flourished ever since and he has helped Adero establish their class actions to a great degree. His negotiation skills make him a great lawyer but his humility and friendly attitude make him a great friend, and colleague to hang around with. He is well-liked and admired for his achievements, ambition, and friendly attitude both in his workplaces and his friend circles. 

Hall also has an Instagram page (_nathan.hall). He around 2k followers and posts pictures of beautiful sceneries depicting the development and beautiful cities. He loves the fast city life! He is extremely responsive to messages on his Instagram account and uses it to chat with his friends, colleagues, and potential clients. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can always contact him and have a chat with him. Nathan Hall has achieved quite a lot at a very young age. He is a clear and ambitious young man who works with both his head and his heart. His journey, and the things he has done for the people around him and truly some positive things we can learn from him. 

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