Mohamed Jasim Khalfan (Mohamed bin Khalfan)


Mohamed Jasim Khalfan, also known as Mohamed bin Khalfan, is a young influencer from the United Arab Emirates. He was born in Dubai, currently lives in Sweden and loves working in Brazil. Mohamed is an extremely jolly person, always entertaining people with his jokes and comedy. However, he is deeply serious about his work with charity and his various social projects. He loves working to uplift the society and spread love, knowledge and awareness amongst people. 

Mohammed is particularly invested in all the community and the charity work he does in Brazil by collaborating with different organizations. He feels very passionately about his work and puts his heart and soul into it. He often posts about his work on social media to get the word out and to encourage more people to donate to the causes and work with charities. One such project that he has worked on is the egg and bread project, where they collect egg cartons and other food and household supplies for vulnerable families. Then, on the last Friday of every month, they gather food, clothes and bundles of love for homeless people to help them out in their difficult situations. 

Mohammed is very active and extremely popular on social media. You can find him on Instagram under @mbinkhalfan where he has a whopping two hundred and thirty thousand followers. He posts about the different projects he works on, pictures with his friends and loved ones, as well as light-hearted and relatable content. He is also currently working on establishing himself on YouTube, you can find him under Mohamed bin Khalfan. 

He started posting on his YouTube channel just 10 months ago and reached his first one hundred followers in August 2019. Since then, he has managed to amass more than one thousand subscribers and has around 13,124 views on his YouTube channel in such a short amount of time. He posts videos about his projects, collaborations, charity work, travel diaries and even funny storytelling videos. He’s extremely open and charismatic and when you watch his videos, it makes you feel like you’re listening to your friend talk. 

However, being in the public eye isn’t easy. While a lot of people show you love and encouragement, some people will also spew hatred. People have criticized him for his religion, his country, and his ethnicity. They say that he doesn’t belong in Brazil. However, he is proud of his heritage and owns it completely. He hasn’t let any of the negative comments affect him or his work. He believes in more love less prejudice. Mohamed says Brazil is a country full of warm, welcoming and loving people and that Brazil has shown him the true meaning of love and acceptance. He continues to work for the people of Brazil with vigour, letting his work prove the haters wrong. 

Mohamed is extremely humble and down to earth person, despite his success and popularity, he is extremely approachable and often interacts with his followers. He takes out the time to personally reply to the encouraging comments people on his posts and is extremely kind and friendly. 

Mohamed also loves travelling. He has been to multiple countries and cities such as Spain, France, United Kingdom, Malta, Sweden, Portugal and Estonia to name a few. He often shares his travel experiences with his followers, showing them the cities around the globe. He showcases their rich culture, beautiful architecture and delicious food on his social media. However, he has found a home away from home in Brazil and every time he has to go back home his heartaches and he greatly misses the country and its lovely people. 

There are so many people out there who want to do more charity and community service, but there are only a few who have the drive and conviction. Mohamed is one those very few and he has managed to do so much commendable work at such a young age. His success in his charity projects is a testament to his strong character, kindness and resilience and ensures that he will be successful in all his future endeavours.

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