Mark Jennings (@markjenningsuk)


Since ages, the profession of dancing has been seizing the general public’s attention. Dance is a broadly appreciated form of artistic expression. It can take the form of classical ballet, modern, contemporary movement, or jazz. Dancers study different concepts to become adept at dancing, for instance; genre, style, expressions, footwork, origin, and history of dance.

Dance, though as easy as it may seem, requires a lot of effort and hard work from the dancer and especially the choreographer. Choreography is the art of composing and arranging dances. It all starts with exploring a movement idea and composing steps; the creative process of composing steps requires plenty of preparation and backbreaking work. In this connection, this article introduces you to Mark Jennings, a British choreographer, creative director, and movement coach currently residing in London who studied Performance Design at the University of Arts, London.

Over the past decade, Mark Jennings has been acknowledged as a distinctly esteemed Creative and Movement director who has been described as “one of the leading creative sparks in the global entertainment industry today.”

Mark Jennings has closely worked with a great deal of widely lionized public figures in the entertainment industry and created high profile performances shifting perception past Music, TV, Film, Theatre, Live, Corporate and Digital platforms which have made his name and character quite prestigious.

12When Jennings first started pursuing his career in London, he was inclined to do better, to put his heart and soul into it; by and by, he comprehended that exhibiting his emotion via movement is what seized the concentration of the onlookers and made them fall in love head over heels with the performance. His capability and potential to nourish and develop artists is highly praised and valued, Jennings possesses an idiosyncratic approach that allows him to sharpen the artist’s natural potential and provides them with a unique manner of their own for every live, TV and music video.

Jennings is highly experienced and skillful and has worked with and choreographed for many famous international artists including The Jonas Brothers, Louis Tomlinson, Katy Perry, James Corden, and many more. By the Jonas Brothers, “Sucker”, the song, was a huge hit; Jennings worked with the Brothers in making of the music video of the catchy pop song which now has over 200 million views on YouTube. Moreover, Mark Jennings also worked on and appeared in one of Katy Perry’s many mystic songs’ music videos titled “Unconditionally” which was widely loved and praised by people and has over 533 million views on YouTube.

His recent work includes working with CBS for one of America’s most-watched and loved Late shows where Jennings choreographed “Crosswalk, The Musical” working alongside the loveliest James Corden and his team in Paris.

Jennings always aims at setting new styles in live entertainment which result in worthwhile and powerful performances and sensational choreography for major events and ceremonies. He is highly experienced in providing appropriate visual movement direction, choreography, and content for TV Commercials. Many shows have also benefited from his creative approach and dedication to his craft.

Mark firmly believes in every project he undertakes which is why his increasing portfolio of clients comes back to his time and time again.  He understands their needs and always delivers beyond their expectations. That’s why his clients are always satisfied with his work. In this regard, Mark says, “I want my work to make people feel emotions, to challenge my audience to think differently. Above all for it to be beautiful, captivating, and engaging.” Jennings also has his website ( He has included all of his works on his website. More can be learned about Jennings and his work; if he is followed on Instagram (

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