Lily Rivers (@lilyrivers)


They say that everyone dreams of following their passion and goals- they spend years traversing far and wide to reach that one destination. Those desperate to reach their goal don’t leave a single stone unturned in their quest to find the dreams they want to turn into reality. In short- a big chunk of their lives is about them hunting down their goals and embracing them. However, some believe that one of the things that set music aside as a profession and goal is that instead of people seeking it out, it often seeks them out itself. It’s a beautiful thing to imagine- a career seeking out the people instead of people running after their goals. There are countless examples of these instances around us, and one brilliant one is none other than Lily Rivers.

Lily was one of the lucky few who was sought after, instead of her seeking out a passion to embrace. She was born in a family that embodied the creative arts; musicians, artists, and dreamers all around. Her love for music was nurtured and grew as she transitioned from childhood to the fringes of adulthood. After her masters from the University of Arts London, Lily went onto working at MTV. Day in, day out, she started her day by clocking in at 9 am and punching out at 5. She was a creative spirit and soon the blandness of the routine started to eat at her. That’s when she realized that she was meant for something different – music had come calling for her!


Lily had been interested in being a DJ since she was a young kid and was newly introduced to beats. She was shy about making her debut but started weaning into it by performing at private parties and bars. She was an instant hit but her modesty stopped her from trying to go further. However, no one was blind to the raw talent she possessed, and she slowly started contacting artists and collected the 1210s and CDJs she had made so far. She realized that it had always been her fear that had stopped her from achieving her dreams and once she let herself be, she started her journey to greatness!

Lily took her first step in 2015 when she decided to leave her job, and in the last five years she hasn’t regretted it even once. Since her debut in private parties and bars, she eventually released her set online. Within days, she made it into the 10 global mix cloud charts and became virtually famous! Her sudden leap to fame and apparent talent didn’t go unnoticed by any of the major players in the field, and within days they were after her like bees attracted to honey. She got offers from artists as well as an offer from housefm for her own show! 

Now that she had stepped into this world, all the doors have started opening for her. Within a year in the industry she got her weekly show on Ibiza Global Daily, and unlike her previous job, it suited her so well that even 2 years later, she’s still happily working there! Her success however, wasn’t limited to one town or place, her music became so well known that she had a tour across North America, playing in all the big cities from New York to Los Angeles!

Lily is one of the most authentic musicians out there who clearly have a deep relationship with what she creates! Years later, in the place she now is, she has realised that all this may not have been possible if she hadn’t taken her leap of faith. Ever modest, she credits her success to Ibiza Global and her fans who have supported her throughout. She goes out of her way to interact with all of those who reach out to her on her Instagram: lilyrivers and her website: She’s kept herself busy producing beautiful music so far, and even amidst the lockdown, she has turned to create music to feel at peace, and spread happiness to anyone else who listens to it!

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