Hannah Widmer (@hannahrosewidmer)



Hannah Widmer is an accomplished twenty-four-year-old model, whose hobbies include art and horseback riding. She has been featured in over eight magazine covers, some of which include Maxim Australia, Gmaro Magazine, Solstice Magazine, and JMG Lifestyle. Thus, its quite evident that she loves being in front of the camera and enjoys her career as a professional model. 

Hannah owes the start of her career to Instagram. She was discovered by a photographer on the social media platform and he helped her build her portfolio by taking photographs of her and submitting them to multiple magazines. From there, her career began to grow, as she practiced hard and got more comfortable in front of the camera’s eyes. Now, modeling has become second nature to her and there is nothing else she rather is doing. Currently, Hannah’s Instagram account has more than a hundred thousand followers, reflecting how popular and admired she is in the fashion world. Her Instagram handle is “hannahrosewidmer” and she mostly posts pictures of herself and sometimes those include when she is at work and in her element. Her Instagram bio is a profound quote, which says “go where there is no path and leave a trail.” The quote succinctly and beautifully defines how Hannah aims to live her life. She wants to make an impact wherever she can and wants to help and inspire others. It will not only be a way to give back to the world but also make the world remember her. 

Hannah is an Aquarius and considers herself a visionary. She actively pursues her dreams and works tirelessly every day to make them possible. A lot of her time is spent fostering a deeper connection with herself and with the rest of the world. She likes to think about how she as an individual can help make things better, and she does that through understanding her own potential and how it can be most effectively utilized. In her own words, she said “I want to leave the world in a better place than I found it.” This goes to show her generous and thoughtful nature. Hannah also takes pride in her individuality and likes to travel and experience new cultures as they teach her new things and help shape her as a whole different person. She likes her independent life and how it gives her the freedom to try multiple things, and create deeper personal connections. 


Other than being a model, Hannah also maintains two unique hobbies. The first is horseback riding, which she has been doing for many years. Last year, she was featured riding a horse in the magazine, National Horseman. She was very grateful and thrilled about the opportunity as something like this does not come easily. Being a skilled equestrian has also helped Hannah keep in shape, build her muscles, and maintain her posture and balance. This has made her modeling career easier, as her posture is perfect and she doesn’t need to do extra workouts. Another major hobby Hannah has that she is very passionate about is painting. She loves art and even prefers visiting art museums in the different cities she travels to. Any spare time she has is spent painting, specifically watercolors. Currently, she is also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy, which she is very excited about as it will open even more doors for her. 

Hannah is an accomplished individual; however, it wasn’t easy to get to a point where she is now. It took a lot of soul searching, self-love, and being comfortable in her own skin. In an interview, she said, “I feel sexier when I am my authentic self, and being who I am is crucial, otherwise you get lost.” Thus, in order to work efficiently in her job as a model, Hannah feels that she has to be comfortable with showing her authentic and genuine self in front of the camera. Only then, can she be successful and live a life of ease and enjoyment. 

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