Bijouterie Jad’Or (@bijouteriejador)


Bijouterie Jad’Or is a successful Moroccan online jewelry and watch store. They sell a wide range of jewelry targeted toward the youth with their wide range of high quality, dainty earrings, bracelets, rings and so much more. Over the course of their time they have managed to gain a wide following on Instagram and Facebook.

Bijouterie Jad’Or offers a wide variety to choose from which is what their followers love about them. They specialize in high-quality gold jewelry which ranges between 1100 – 14,000 DHS which converts into $110 – 1400 US dollars. In their gold collection they have a beautiful selection of rings that may be used to treat oneself or propose to a lover with. The rings are so simple yet so intricate with their engravings and diamonds. Next, their earrings are so dainty yet so youthful, they could serve as a gift to a best friend on her birthday. They also have stunning necklaces for one to gift their sister and lavish ensembles to give to one’s mother. A wonderful array of options for all types of followers.

One of their most loved jewelry pieces is their bracelet collection. This is due to the even wider selection they have. Not only do they have beautiful gold ones, they also make bracelets with more color in them such as with hints of green and black in them. These prove to be very widely loved by their users because they can buy multiples and make a collection out of them. They also make Cartier style bracelets that are very famous with the Kardashian family so the Moroccans love them.

Not only do they make regular style jewelry, but they also make the more collectible type of items such as their broch/safety pin in gold with diamonds and have attachments with them. These make for an added detail on one’s bag. Additionally, they also have custom and personalized jewelry which proves to be another favorite. On top of that, they also offer necklaces with Islamic writings on them to cater to any such interested followers. This wide range with their reasonable prices given the high quality & their free delivery service in morocco makes for them to be a very popular local brand.

Bijouterie Jad’Or has a very prominent internet presence. They have over 139 k followers on Instagram. On Facebook they have over 222.4k followers. On both platforms they promote their brand and remain engaged with their followers by responding quickly to their messages. Moreover, they make posts on both platforms daily and make sure to update their story with the prices of each item mentioned. Their posts are to the point and all images are taken by them with little to no editing to promote a sense of realness to their followers; you get exactly what you pay for.

Not only does Bijouterie Jad’Or make jewelry for women, but they also gained male followers when they made watches for men. One promotion came from the blogger, model, influencer “moradbenhammo” with over 33k followers and tagged them on an Instagram post. This shows the diversity Bijouterie Jad’Or has offered its followers in the past and will only continue to grow. 


In recent years, Bijouterie Jad’Or has decided to focus less on watches and more on jewelry. Over time they have transitioned from making big bold jewelry into making more simplistic, youthful, and more fashionable pieces any influencer would love to wear. Their custom jewelry and free Moroccan delivery give them an edge over their competitors. Their wide range of selection for all types of occasions, daily postings, and responsive to customers and followers has allowed for them to have a very active following on both platforms and they are only going to grow even more. 

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