Ahmad Al Marzouqi (@chai_with_ahmad)


With the advent of technology and then the consequent global usage of social media, the 21st century has become the hub of connection. The planet has become one giant connected sphere where people are able to bond with people on the other side, without ever having to physically link. The outreach of this connection is far and wide and enables the human population to socialize not only within their own cultural circles but even outside of them. One good thing that has come out of this globalization is the fact that entertainment isn’t just restricted to the producer’s hub country anymore. Industries like Hollywood and Bollywood are consumed by people all over the world and the media is readily available to consume. 

It would be perfect to bring in the Middle East as an example of a part of the world recently flourishing in aspects of entertainment (Saudi Arabia has recently had a lot of concerts with successful foreign artists last year, which was previously unheard of). This media cohesion then also builds the need for ever-popular and favorite stars to connect with people outside of their known entertainment audiences. Chai With Ahmad is one blog/entertainment show working on bringing celebrities from far and wide within reach.

Chai With Ahmad is a blog run by Ahmad Al Marzouqi on Instagram and Youtube. The blog mostly works on bringing celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood, and sometimes from Pakistan’s drama/film industry into connection within a predominantly Arab audience. Since the Middle East doesn’t have many outlets that promote entertainment from outside their own nations in this way, Ahmad’s blog is mostly very popular among enthusiasts in Middle Eastern countries. The blog has made an appearance on leading newspapers in Middle Eastern nations and also has a magazine named WKND solely dedicated to Ahmad’s show Chai With Ahmad.  Ahmad’s blog has also appeared twice in articles on Khaleej Times, perhaps UAE’s most influential newspaper. The popularity of the blog is such that many agencies now want Chai With Ahmad to cover their celebrities and interview them.

The blog’s owner Ahmad started his blogging journey two years back in November 2018. His main aim was to connect famous personalities with Arab audiences like himself since Arab entertainment portals didn’t cover international stars. When films from Bollywood and Hollywood started gaining recognition in the Middle East, there was a strong need for Arab audiences to get to know their favorite stars on interviews and other formal/informal situations that didn’t involve them acting on a screen. Since there are very few people working for this, and even lesser who are legitimate, Ahmad’s blog soared up in popularity. He’s been through his entire career journey without anyone’s help and has basically made it this far because of his dedication to what he does. Today, Chai With Ahmad has over 100 interviews with celebrities, most of which he has done live on Instagram.

Ahmad’s philosophy has always been that he wants to be a bridge between the fans and the artists who aren’t able to reach them or interact with them as much due to constraints of their geographical location. The Middle East is an area which is the biggest example of this. Due to him, fans in the Middle East can enjoy watching interviews and interactions with their favorite stars and feel like they belong because it’s someone from their nation who’s bringing them closer to this source of entertainment. Bloggers like Ahmad who have been bridges for their nations are exemplary and deserve even more recognition in the mainstream since due to them, artist fan-bases increase in number in unprecedented areas that they don’t usually target when they promote. The dedication that comes with bringing artists to their homeland is truly commendable. Thanks to Ahmad, Middle Eastern fans can now enjoy lots of content on their beloved celebrities which are easily available and accessible to them. 

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