Stefan Christopher Prieler (@sprimusic)


Since, music is a significant part of everyone’s life. It is the nourishment of spirit and exercise of intellect. Similarly, it has the pronounced power to increase happiness as well as decrease the stress. In the same way, music is the manifestation of our feelings and emotions. It is scientifically proven that music makes us feel relish at the moment of contentment, and meanwhile, it assists in breakdown our bewilderments and sieves our sensibilities when we are sad. Numerous musicians play their important role in creating such an enthralling sensation among melomaniacs.

In this article, we will talk about a popular singer from Vienna, Austria whose music makes everyone dance on the floor. This talented singer has sung numerous dancehall generic songs. His relationship with music dwells since his childhood as his grandfather was one of the biggest fans of Jamaican legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. With his passion, he becomes one of the top choices of prominent musicians and producers of the UK. Being a software engineer, he has also worked as a software developer at Braintribe Company. Yes we are certainly talking about Stefan Christopher Prieler aka S Pri (@sprimusic)

Stefan Christopher Prieler was born in Baden, Austria, and currently lives in London. This great singer grew up listening to the music of different genres like Hip hop, R&B funk, EDM based styles, and so on. He did schooling and then high schooling from a local elementary school. He has earned his software engineering degree from a polytechnic school in Wiener Neustadt.

During his schooling Stefan’s love for Jamaican and Dancehall music reached the level of extremity when he listened to the album of Beenie Man, “Back to Basics”. He began to get knowledge of Jamaican and the history of Reggae and Dancehall music from various sources like the Internet, documentaries, history books, and on and on. But it does not seem enough for him so he decided to flourish himself in the field of music by investing in music, and started doing Saturday Job. His initial years were full of struggles, but his greater level of determination makes him unstoppable. With little money he bought a cheap studio microphone and an audio interface, and set up his own “home recording studio”, and then he began to compose instrumental and mix his productions.

He acquired his first stage experience with a local sound system from his school area where he successfully engrossed the attention of many music enthusiasts. Since then, Stefan performed at many small and big events within the Lower Austrian and Vienna area, and worked in several projects with famed people which solidify his popularity further.

After making a triumphant mark in Austria and Vienna, Stefan decided to spread the fragrance of his melodious voice internationally. Being a popular singer, Stefan got the recognition of Jamaican musician and producer from the UK who offers Stefan to work with him in a project together. For this reason, Stefan moved to Manchester, London. His release “Have me a way” accumulated high admirations on various forums from the music enthusiasts of the United Kingdom, and since then Stefan has been producing many heart touching songs as well as albums in London.

Moreover, this outshining gem is also active on different social media rostrums like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has 4.3k followers on Instagram and more than 4.8k followers are following him on his Facebook Page, and the chain of his fan following is still continued to spread.

Thus, Stefan Christopher Prieler is an inspirational personality who started his career in music with little money, but enormous dedication takes him to the acme of success. His success depends on guidance, application, and consistency. With his magical voice, he attracts the hearts of music lovers as well as compels them to dance on the floor.

So, if you want to acquire the pleasure of his enthralling music then it can be approached by going through Stefan Christopher Prieler’s official website

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