Lil Boy (@lilboybeezy2.9)


The Music industry is an ever-green industry with the most diverse of songs and the most unique of artists, making it a playground for the best artists in the world to present their talents in. Lil Boy, also known as Panda, is a music artist originating from Angola-Luanda that chose to be an active and dynamic part of this industry in the aspiration of having him heard by thousands of people that can immerse in his music.

The music industry might sound like a unanimous one but it has many different sectors defined by their genre or style. Panda took the Rap route and is working on giving it full justice by giving it as much time and dedication as possible and making sure that there are no corners unrefined in his art.

Getting into music was a more focused approach for Panda than a lot of other artists. Belonging to a family that was already in the music industry, he could not but be inspired and driven to follow the same path but with his own assets and his own efforts combined to take it even further with his work. Inspired to do so, Panda, who is now the CEO and creator of the music group named Young Family which he founded and established into a fine name. Young Family features amazing artists such as NeloBoy, Okenio M, Lil Fox, Lil Boy himself, Joz, Lil Mac, Fabio Freitas, and Deivly and can be found on Instagram @yfsmmr where each of the group members is featured with their albums, events and moments.

Lil Boy has a lot of experience in the industry as he’s been on stage several times, making him confident with his skills and goes on stage with his group very often, singing in front of not just a hundred, but thousands of people. Lil Boy has presented in front of over 5 thousand people and that is a huge feat in itself.

159Gaining fame initially in his own city, that was nowhere for him to stop and he continued his ventures to many different parts of the world gaining a good audience over multiple areas such as Portugal, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This fame led to not only great fans from all these areas but also further led to shows where he got to perform in front of a lot of people onstage. This includes Performing at the “Luanda Hip Hop Fest” and many other such big scales stages. All of this played a huge role in helping him refine his art and the immense support of his fans made sure that he got all the motivation he needed for working on the next big release and make sure it’s a hit without any time to waste.

To Panda, his group is just as important to him as his family and he lets that show by posting about them and making sure that their work is just as appreciates as his own.

The group works under the record label SMM Records or “So Much More Records” which allows them to produce the great music they put out for the world. They can be followed on Instagram @smm_records.

Some of the music he’s put out includes KUMBU, which featured him, Lil Fox and Fabio Freitas and many mixes tapes with the Young Family and he’s working to put out much more for all of us to listen to.

Having over 75.7k subscribers on his Instagram, Lil Boy knows very well about the responsibility he holds and appreciates every bit of support he gets from them as he makes sure to keep his Instagram up to date with teasers to his songs, hosts live videos to interact with them makes sure that he tries his best to meet any fan at his shows and make them happy and shares his and his family’s personal experiences with the world to make sure that they stay connected to him and know how much they mean to him. He can be followed on the platform @lilboybeezy2.9.

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