Aysha Yousif (@chefaysha)


A recipe has no soul; it is up to the cook to bring the soul to the recipe. The recipe for any dish is only perfected when the chef puts their heart and soul into creating it. To achieve this, the chef must be passionate about the art of cooking.

The child prodigy, Aysha Yousif Mohamedtayeb Abdulla Al Obeidli was born to be a great chef. She went from looking over at her mother’s shoulder to see her cook to winning the title of “Kidzania – Dubai’s 2018 Minichef” when she was only nine years old. She is from the United Arab Emirates and has been nicknamed “The Youngest Emirati Chef”. She won against over 180 children from all over the world. She recalls that she did not even imagine that she could win a competition such a large scale; this was her first time participating in a competition. To add to this, some of the children were even older than Aysha. 

Due to her hard work and passion, she was recognized by the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai. The institution regarded Aysha as a diligent and talented child and sponsored her studies so she can attain her diploma and pursue her passion.


Aysha was interested in cooking at the tender age of four. Aysha had the habit of dragging a chair to stand on it to watch her mother cook. She considers her mother as an inspiration, as she was the person Aysha looked up to since the beginning. She became further interested in cooking after she started to help her mother when she was working in the kitchen. She states that she can make delicious and tantalizing dishes such as sandwiches, pizzas and omelettes. To add to this, Aysha is also skilled at baking.

Her adventure of cooking started when she was very young and she made created a mixed vegetable omelette without any help from her parents. This is the moment that her parents realised that they were looking at someone who had a very special gift of cooking. 

Aysha realises that she has a talent for cooking. She hopes to put it to good use and wants to help others with her gift. She has the desire to publish her very own cookbook. She has the desire to aim it to children so they can also be inspired to start cooking like her and wants to include recipes that are very easy to follow. Other than this, Aysha hopes to open a restaurant that specializes in various international cuisines. This is so people from all around the world can enjoy her dishes. She also wants to graduate with a diploma from ICCA Dubai, so she can become a qualified and specialised chef and be a step closer to achieving her dreams. 

Aysha’s talent has not gone unrecognized. In 2019, she was interviewed by ‘Gulf News’ after she won ‘Kidzania Dubai’s Minichef 2018”, where she talked about her aspirations, inspirations and more. She was also recognized as a Celebrity Chef for one of Dubai’s popular food festivals ‘Taste of Dubai’. 

She also has a very active social media. She has over 59,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts delicious recipes, aesthetic shots of foods and more quality content. She can be followed by “@chefaysha” on Instagram. She can also be followed on Snapchat for the latest updates of her quality content “@chefaysha”.

Aysha is truly an inspiration for children all over the globe. She is evidence that if one believes in their dreams, they can achieve anything. Age should not be a barrier to achieving your dreams; Aysha was recognized as a talented chef when she was only nine. Children can follow her example and believe in their ambitions.

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