Yash Tiwari (@iamyt.4321)


In the wake of their colonial past, South Asian households are almost always stuck in the pre-modern technique of getting the kids of the house to choose a career that is stable. These careers almost always involve being either doctors, engineers, going into business or IT professionals. Even though South Asia is famous for Bollywood, careers, and futures-related to art are almost always considered somewhat less acknowledged and less respected among the general population. It is ironic that the same people worship singers and actors but don’t want their own kids going into the same fields. However, in recent times, there have been a lot of underground singers and artists who have started to emerge in the South Asian art scene. This is usually due to the fact that these are kids who have broken the generational cycle of art being less respected, and are doing all they can to get themselves acknowledged. These are usually students and people who have other careers for their day jobs because they have resorted to the said mindset of their parents, and while having a stable income, they’re pursuing their musical passion. Yash Tiwari is one such artist.

Tiwari’s birth name is actually Yashaswi Tiwari but he goes by Yash Tiwari as a stage name. Yash is currently a student at Dayton University in Ohio, the United States where he is enrolled for a Master’s degree. His degree is in the field of computer science, another one of those safe careers that parents choose for their kids. However, Yash is passionate about a lot of other things than his degree, and pursues said passion avidly. He identifies himself as a singer, composer, and actor and is pretty well-versed in his interest that he’s chosen to pursue.

Yash’s interest in music started when he was very young, as all artist dreams usually do. He has always been surrounded by music his entire life and has grown to love it organically. At a point in his life, Yash wanted to make music his career for the rest of his life because he was secure and confident in his passion, however, life took him elsewhere. While at his college campus back in India, Yash began to perform in a lot of university concerts that brought recognition for his voice and talent. That was his calling back to music. Since then, he’s been chasing his passion for music again. His recognition ended up making him semi-famous and brought back the confidence he had lost. This is how he ended up performing in a lot of small university campuses, fillers, and events. When he moved to the US for his Computer Science degree at Dayton, he was impressed by the music culture here and learned about publicizing and marketing his music through online platforms. This sort of insight brought him to where he is today. Alongside his degree, Yash has brought back the passion he had for music, and has chosen to pursue it to essentially get the best of both worlds; a secure career and fulfilling his own interest.

Tiwari is currently famous for doing a lot of covers of known, classic Bollywood songs. His covers are usually acoustic or unplugged which gives a nice edge and showcases his voice beautifully. Apart from having a Youtube channel that currently boasts 1.2k followers and is growing every day, he is also a verified artist on all popular Western music platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Deezer.

Tiwari is the perfect example to showcase to young 21st century South Asian kids who are stuck between wanting to not disappoint their parents and also wanting to pursue their own interests. Individuals like him show that it is not only possible but also very convenient to do both things at a time if you are dedicated to your craft and want to work as hard as you can. Tiwari has now moved onto doing original compositions alongside covers and hopes to see the day he can be recognized into the mainstream.

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