Steve Komposition B Shafer (@komposition_b)


This article introduces you to a woodworker named as Steve Komposition B Shafer (@komposition_b). He is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional personality. He besides being a Wood Worker is a Metal Fabricator who has been able to earn his name and fame in Napa, California.

Steve has always considered himself as an Artist. As a woodworker and metal fabricator, he has to work for long hours but despite this, he loves his profession very much. Additionally, he has worked for a sign company for more than 15 years; his work included designing customized signs and sculptures. Steve believes in making the most out of life that he is living. He has his own set rules and standards of life and lives according to his wishes. He does not follow anyone else and even he does not like anyone to dictate his life. He had his own dreams to pursue and materialize and that’s why he left the company and started using his skills to do works of art. More importantly, His love for vehicles and his beloved partner is incredible. Because of his partner, he has been able to reach the place where he is today. She has always been supportive of him. She kept encouraging and motivating him and without whom Steve would have been incomplete. That’s why he is grateful to her life partner too.

As a woodworker, he is very skillful. And this can be witnessed from one of his shared posts on his Instagram account. He has shared the picture of a useless broken piece of wood and in its caption, he says, “I guess since I’m getting paid more now on unemployment than actually working I might as well make some bigger pieces. Though the wood was so cheap it was practically given to me. This may look like a junk piece of wood but I guarantee by the time I’m done with it, it will be one of the most beautiful things you’ll see that day.” From this, it is quite clear that he is the person who believes in himself and his abilities and that’s the reason behind his many achievements in his life. He is really a very talented artist and his work of art is incredible. If anyone happens to visit his Instagram page, it is for sure that he/she will like his work of art and will surely praise it because he makes so many beautiful and attractive wooden things.

Moreover, he is also actively involved in car’s event shows and in one of his posts he says, “Ok everyone here we go this will be my first car show please show some love and tap in if your get your spot early it will be cheaper then showing up on the day of the car show it will be on February 14, 2021, so save your spot everyone.”

In his personal life, he has got a loving heart and caring soul and can never afford to see people in suffering and this can be known from his one of shared posts in which he is asking his friends, fans, and followers for donations to help people. In this regard, he says, “Don’t forget guys/lady’s  I’m getting all supplies for the fire department to help the family’s that lost their places in the fire we all can come together to help out as a car community.” From this one can easily understand that he was asking for a donation to help people whose houses might have caught fire. More can be learned about this versatile personality if he is followed on his Instagram account

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