Sergio Carta (@scarta7)


Sergio Carta is a businessman and financial advisor based in Miami, Florida. He is the CEO of Carta Business Group and a Senior Partner at Quintero & Partners. He was born and raised in Venezuela and immigrated to the United States only 5 years ago. When he moved to Miami, he had a rough start as he initially had to work at restaurants and in valet parking. But when his friend showed him an opportunity to be interviewed by a financing firm, his life took a pleasant turn. He eagerly took the opportunity as he knew that this was finally his chance to change his life! After three years, countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears, he is now a partner at the biggest firm in Florida, American Life Income.

Sergio has had a deep understanding of sales and finance from a very young age. When he was just a child growing up in Venezuela, he would sell numerous small products such as snacks or food out on the streets to help his mother with the household expenses. Hence, the value of hard work, and the tact one needs to work in sales, had been ingrained into Sergio from a young age. Therefore, when he moved to Miami, even though he was not handed the most glamorous jobs from the get-go, he did not let that deter him. He worked diligently, without complaining and was eventually able to land a prestigious job with American Income Life, a life insurance company. But even this opportunity did not come without a struggle.

To work with the company, one needed to get a license in life and health insurance which cost about $300. However, at the time of his interview, Sergio had just been laid off his job because of staff reductions and did not even have a car to his name as he had to return his vehicle because of the lack of payments. Despite all these problems, he believed in his capabilities and asked a friend to lend him the money to pay for his license. Although he was broke at the time, he knew that working for this company was the gateway to the American Dream he had always wanted. So, he took the chance and it proved to be immensely worthwhile. The first month working there, he was awarded employee of the month with the most sales.

Today, all of his hard work and effort has paid off as he now makes a six-figure salary every year and not only that, he loves that his job allows him to help thousands of families in America every year.

As a Senior Partner in his firm, he coaches and mentors his team to succeed and grow professionally in their company. The biggest secret to success, he often tells his team, is to remain coachable, to always be open to feedback and advice, and to consistently work hard. In his opinion, feedback is underrated and should not be taken negatively but as a source of advice through which one can grow. He is a strong proponent of giving your best to get the best.

His great achievements and success have given him numerous insights which he is always eager to share with others. He has a large following on social media where he often motivates people to tell them that success is waiting for those who are willing to reach for it. If you’d like to learn some amazing life lessons from someone who has fought through many hardships and come out on top, you can find Sergio on Instagram, his handle is @scarta7. He has more than thirty-one thousand followers who are inspired by him every day.

Sergio is much proud of his humble roots as they keep him grounded and remind him of how far he has come. Viewing all that he has achieved in such a short period of time, tells us a lot about how driven and competent Sergio is in his field and that he is destined for even more success in the future.

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