Nino Mannino (@f85_ninoo)



Nino Mannino is all about cars. He lives and breathes cars and couldn’t be more passionate about them than anyone else. He truly is a one of a kind car enthusiast. His most prized possession perhaps is his BMW X5M which Nino is most known for.  He is perhaps one of that lucky one in a million people to be able to actually afford such an expensive automobile. A BMW is not a very common car in many places around the world so it would make sense to not only gaze in awe of its beauty while it passes by. While trying to imprint the driver’s face into your brain as well as if he was a celebrity you bumped into.

Nino’s BMW x5m is a stage 2 car with downpipes and the latest bm3 tuner. The tuner allows Map Customization through Map Editor, Top speed limiter removal, Maps for upgraded turbos, and many other options. It offers the best unique features not found in any other flash tune, the best part is that it is mobile and windows compatible making it, even more, easier to use on the go.  The functionality not only adds on to the worth but also the aesthetics of driving such a majestic piece, making it perhaps everyone’s dream car.

His knowledge and passion for cars did not just appear out of nowhere. If Nino has anyone to thank for where he stands today it is his two best friends Matt W and Mike B, they were the ones that led him down the car-loving path and he could have not have been more blessed to find such company anywhere else. Nino believes that the journey of building a car and modifying it is one of the most stress-relieving activities a man can do, one of the many reasons he loves to do it so often. He also believes that this journey of modifying a car to reach its peak performance and aesthetics not only serves to help his passion grow but the end result is perhaps even more worthwhile to see.

As any artist that works on canvas, much detail is required along with an undeniable sense of focus towards what you are aiming for. Mistakes are made and then corrected, sweat and blood go into every piece and it is this very sweat and blood that earns the artist his respect. At the end of this journey, you have something that you are proud of, something that you can showcase, a feeling of satisfaction, and let’s not forget the beauty and joy of riding it with your friends. Nino started off with this journey for the very first time with a group of friends when he had his old 2011 m3 in Hamilton, New Jersey. Now he is known to be a fast sport utility vehicle driver by people from all over New Jersey and New York City.

Nino belongs to a group called Mpireboyz that was founded by driving enthusiasts for driving enthusiasts. Their motto is ‘pushing the limits to the next level’. The group has meetings where car enthusiasts from all over meet up with their prized possessions and enjoy showing them off, while also showing appreciation to all types of works and customizations. Even people without cars are more than welcome to show up and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Nino started to receive his following day after day while he was in the process of adding modifications to his x5m, the support he received from people and car enthusiasts all over the world drove him to continue what he has always done. He is currently hoping to start off a YouTube channel as well to show a more in-depth process for his fans. Nino believes that above everything else the car game should be friendly and supportive of each other rather than becoming competitive, as it is because of such unhealthy competition the true passion gets lost.

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