Mike Keen (@the_keen)


113The corporate world isn’t easy to survive. Although owning your own business might sound like a dream, it’s not all fun and games. The struggle that goes into establishing a business from scratch is not something many people have the patience for. But with the right kind of energy and mindset, anyone can succeed in the seemingly impossible corporate world, just like Mike Keen!

This self-employed air force veteran is a source of inspiration for anyone who doesn’t want to conform to the regular 9 to 5 working pattern. Keen has been working for himself for a long time and as a result, he lives his life completely on his own terms. But the path Mike chose was a little different than the usual. Before he was self-employed, he went through several different job changes which helped him gain the experience of a lifetime.

His career started off with Air Force training. Being part of the air force taught him the kind of discipline and self-control which sets him apart from his competitors. The training provided a solid foundation for him to develop his skills and motivated him to struggle and become the best possible version of himself.

After that, Mike Keen tried his hand at pretty much everything! He believed that every skill was worth learning. The aspiring corporate-man worked in customer service, the hospitality industry and sales in addition to his pilot training. Somewhere along his journey of constant change and growth, he was introduced to art of starting a business – and that’s when his life completely changed. Keen dived into the world of business through a series of courses that helped him develop his own business and increase his sales. Because of his strong work ethic and experience, transitioning into a life of self-employment was easy for him.

Working for himself earned Mike the kind of opportunities he could never have dreamed of while employed by someone else.  It came with freedom and the flexibility of working on a personalized time schedule, without any of the stress that comes with a conventional job. With that, Mike also got to travel the world and experience a completely different life when his start-up gained momentum. This new experience helped him push every boundary he possibly could.

Self-employment not only changed Mike’s life, but it also helped him develop a completely different mindset. He learnt that any and every skill was useful when it came to the corporate world. More than everything else, Mike learned to give up everything in order to gain new, life-changing experiences. Which is why he took a break from his hectic life for a while and completed his training as a pilot. Because he was his own boss, Mike had no hesitation as he moved 5000 miles to Florida to follow his passion of learning how to fly a plane. If it wasn’t for his flexible career of self-employment, Mike would have never been able to achieve this childhood dream.

Because of his immense experience with different areas of work, Mike Keen is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to self-employment. He has worked his way to a point where he is now free to pick and choose his own life. He believes in the philosophy of using every opportunity to learn something for one’s own self.

Looking at Mike’s versatile career paths and skillset, it’s definite that his future holds exciting things. Even if things don’t work out his way, Mike Keen believes in never giving up. This young go-getter believes in setting goals and then achieving them by any means. He lives by making each day count. If he fails one day, he aims to do better the next. This is the philosophy he has adapted which has helped him shape the path to his own success. If you want to keep up with Mike’s incredible journey, you can follow him on Instagram @the_keen.

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