Love Wild Live Free (@avraepstein)


Avra Epstein is an accomplished individual, who follows her passions and lives life to the fullest. She is a Toronto based lawyer and the founder of a lifestyle blog that promotes both veganism and sustainability. Its called Love Wild Live Free and the main purpose is to showcase “vegan recipes, cruelty-free beauty, and ethical lifestyle products” to those interested in leading a low-waste, eco-friendly, and sustainable lifestyle. Her Instagram account is tied to the blog, as she posts about her recipes and the different food she consumes there as well. It is a very popular, and aesthetic looking account, with a following of more than ten thousand people.

Avra has been committed to the cause of veganism and sustainability for a very long time. Running a blog became easier because she was well-read in the areas of alternative health and nutrition. This allowed her to start a healthy and informative dialogue through her blog and show people that a vegan lifestyle is possible and can be achieved on any budget. The fact that such a lifestyle benefits everyone, as it protects animals and the environment and also fills the human body with essential nutrients, shows that it must be followed and can be with access to the right tools and information. Thus, Avra’s goal is to provide her audience with such tools and information and help them lead a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. Her passion for the cause makes the process even more enjoyable and motivates her to do better and help as many people as she can.

Avra also has her own company called Vegan Social Events which focuses on bringing people together through sustainable and low-waste means. It has its own Instagram page under the handle “vegansocialevents” and the bio states that the company is responsible for organizing Toronto’s first 100% vegan and low-waste events and festivals. This is a huge feat and not easily achievable, thus reflecting Avra’s dedication to the cause and her ability to follow through on things she is truly passionate about. The first proper event was hosted in September of 2016 and different people, including influencers and media makers, attended it to celebrate the local vegan scene. The event received good reviews and was enjoyed by the vegan community in Toronto. Because of the first event’s success, Avra was able to secure famous guest speakers for future events. This included the Australian Animal Rights Activist, James Aspey, and Candice Hutchings of The Edgy Veg.


There is no doubt that Avra is a hard worker, who puts in a lot of effort into everything she does. Other than being actively involved in the fight for sustainable living, she also professionally works as a lawyer. In 2009, she graduated from York University, with a Bachelor of Arts in the Communications Specialized Honours program. She then went to attend Law School at the University of Windsor in 2010 and earned her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from there in June 2013. After all her tireless work, Avra was finally called to the Ontario Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor in 2014. Currently, she juggles her law career with the Love Wild Live Free blog. It’s no easy task but her immense passion for both things allows her to enjoy herself and never give up.

Avra has a strong belief system, which revolves around being kind and compassionate towards other beings, especially animals. She is fully committed to the cause of making other people feel the same so that they can live a healthy, sustainable, waste-free, and eco-friendly life. She feels that the only way this can be achieved is if people make a conscious and educated choice about what to put in their bodies and this will then greatly affect the kind of products available in the market. Avra hopes that her blog can help get this message across to as many people as possible, thus inciting discourse and creating change.

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