Layne Gurba (@the_rod_daughter_)


This article introduces you to Layne Gurba who due to her profession is commonly and popularly known as the Rod Daughter.

Layne Gurba is a strong lady from Canada. By profession she is apprentice welder and works in the oilfield. Besides being Welder, she is currently working on the pipelines. However, welding is one of the most difficult jobs to do. It requires a lot of practices to be a professional welder. Welder and pipe liner are always found out at work. They hardly get some time to spend with their family. The job of Pipe lining has its own world, workers working there are more than just friends and the bond between them is always stronger than iron. They live for each other and support one another in their work. Moreover their working place is not formal but informal. Besides working, they keep enjoying with each other because of it their work for them is always a fun. Though they work for long hours, but due to friendly environment, each of them is happy with his/her job. Layne Gurba has always been passionate about her profession and she is found to be determined and committed towards her work. She loves working hard and doing difficult tasks. Besides she loves to be out of her home that’s why she has chosen wielding and pipe lining as her profession because in this field, one is always found busy at one’s work outside of one’s home.

Though this field requires one to have strong and athletic body because the tasks involved into it are not easy but laborious which consume a worker’s lot of energy.  Layne is a perfectly fit for this job because she is having strong muscular body required for the work done into this field. She loves her profession very much that’s why she says that she enjoys working with her hands and likes to think that she is good with her hands. From this one can easily get to know that unlike other women, she does not have her hands for cooking and doing household chores only but she has been blessed with strong hands to do manly work with efficiency. She has been very successful in her profession and one of her achievements is that she had an opportunity to get promoted to spacing seat so quickly into her career. Since her childhood, she has never wanted to miss any chance but has always been willing to avail herself of different challenging opportunities and through this she actually tests her strength and skills and tries to get to know whether she can do certain things or not. According to her, she loves this profession and can never leave it for any other and takes pride in being surrounded by many loving people working in this field. Except this she works for promotions for Troll Clothing too.

Apart from her profession, she in her personal life is very cheerful lady. She has got loving heart and caring soul. Moreover she has been able to manage her personal, professional and social life successfully. Her being social can be witnessed from the fact that she has two Instagram accounts. Her one account is professional where she keeps updating her followers about her professional activities and workplaces. On her this account she has almost 12k followers whereas her second account is her personal one where she has almost 5500 followers and through her personal account she keeps updating her fans and followers about her personal life and social gatherings. After visiting her professional account, one can come to know that she is having a steel body in real sense. If one visits her personal account, she can be found enjoying every moment of her life and playing drums too. More can be learnt about her professional and personal life, if she is followed on her both accounts.

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