Chad Benjamin (@a11starstud)


Nolan Bushnell says, “A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” And he is very much true in his saying because those who really put their sincere efforts into being something reach the pinnacle of success. In this connection, you, in this article, are introduced to a multi-talented and multi-dimensional personality who is a programmer and a crypto day trader. His name is Chad Benjamin.

Chad Benjamin is from Atlanta Georgia. After completing his graduation from college, He became a software developer because he was very much passionate about developing new software. In addition to this, he wanted to do something more. So, he started his company namely Benjam studio. He is the founder, developer, and president of this company. Benjam studio is the young talented studio that is striving to deliver great quality games at an affordable price. It develops game applications for mobile phones such as iOS and Android. If one wants to keep oneself updated regarding new game applications, one must visit its official website and the link of its website is

Besides, he started doing trade with the cryptocurrency market and he believes that it has changed his lifestyle. He used to watch the courses of ‘philakone udemy class’ on YouTube. He has learnt and changed his perspective of trading from him. He liked the technical analysis that philakone has described in his videos and wanted the opportunity to be included in his trade group as he may be able to bring more changes in his life. However, he is always ready to accept the challenges given by the philakone in udemy class.

Furthermore, he has been very committed and dedicated to pursuing his dreams and it is all because he believes in his abilities. He is of the view that one must keep trying to be successful in one’s life. Apart from this, he is the man of hard work who believes that one can have nice things in one’s life if one works hard.

Additionally, Chad Benjamin loves to play sports and do a workout in a gym because he always wants himself to stay active all the time. He is found to be supporting falcon football team because of being a huge fan of the team and this can be witnessed from his shared photos and videos on Instagram. In one of his shared posts on Instagram he says, “Always great to be a falcons fan. I wore my old school #56 Brookings. I have been a fan for as long as I have enjoyed watching football. I would not change my team for anyone else”.

In addition to this, he is a very cheerful person and knows how to enjoy every moment of his life and this is because of his being optimistic. He always thinks positive and hopes for the best. He is of the opinion that he has gained his success because of having a motivational mentality. This means that he always motivates himself for doing more so as to be a successful person. He is always busy with his job of software developer and cryptocurrency trade. Instead of being busy, he has been able to create a balance between his personal, professional, and social life. He has been very social too. He is always found to be enjoying with his friends most of the time. This can be known from the fact that on his Instagram account, he has garnered thousands of followers. If one visits his Instagram account, one will find him the most decent, adorable, and lovable person. He always keeps posting his pictures and videos on Instagram to update his followers about his personal life. More can be learnt about him if he is followed either on his Instagram account ( or twitter (

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