Ashira Allan Fernando (@dj_myteea)


Allan Fernando is a 26-year-old, Sri Lankan musician. He currently resides in the Middle East and other than being a full-time DJ and producer, he is also the owner and manager of two successful companies. If this wasn’t enough, it turns out that he works as a photographer and videographer as well, and runs his own podcast show, called “ChitChat Room.” Thus, it is pretty evident that Allan is an ambitious and driven individual, whose creative work knows no end.

In the music industry, he goes by the name DJ Mytee A and this is also why his Instagram handle is “dj_myteea.” He is a popular artist in the Middle East, with a following of almost one fifty thousand people on Instagram. Allan’s passion for music has existed since a young age. His father was a guitarist and his family would have multiple gatherings with different instruments playing into the night. Thus, coming from such a background really influenced him to pursue a musical career, and music also became something that constantly helped and inspired him throughout the years. When he was a teenager, he managed to get his hands on a DJ mixer and from then on, has been completely committed to producing music and playing at different events, clubs, and venues.


Allan has achieved a lot in his short music career and plans to do much more. The main genres that he dabbles in include Deep House, Trap, EDM, Electro House, Trance, Techno, Dance, and Progressive House. Thus, he is quite versatile in what he brings to the table and this is what makes him so unique and appealing to his fans. Currently, his music is available to listen to on both Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Allan has planned his life well and has set certain goals for himself in order to efferently work towards them and achieve them. In ten years’ time, he wants to be a certified audio engineer and have his own studio, where he can easily work and produce new music. He wants to play for Creamfields, a music festival that happens in the United Kingdom each year, and be on the DJ Mag Top 100 lists. With the way his career is going right now, it seems that this all will come true in the near future. Allan is a genuine artist and people loving and enjoying his music is no surprise. All he wants to do is inspire people the same way he has been inspired by music and the people who put it out there.

Other than working on his music, Allan also runs two companies. One is an events company, called “Frequency Events.” Its Instagram account has more than two thousand followers and the bio reads that the company is “managing all kinds of nightlife concepts, entertainers, and event management.” The other company is a Sound, Lighting & Audio-Visual company which he runs in the Middle East. It is called “Radiance” and is very successful with over twenty-two years of experience. They are experts in all three departments: the supply, installation, and provision of professional sound and lighting equipment. They cover all kinds of events, whether they are small or big, or indoors or outdoors. Thus, their success stems from the fact that they work in a holistic manner and cater to every kind of client, no matter how different their needs might be. It’s not easy running two companies and building a music career, however, Allan manages to juggle both things quite well. This reflects his tenacity and a strong work ethic that has been instilled in him from an early age.

Allan wants to spread positivity in the world and send an important message. He feels that the best way to do this is through his music. His passion and love for it allow him to make the message even more inspirational. Thus, he will forever keep his DJ Mytee A persona and continue to produce music that creates change and spreads positivity.

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