Ali Bayatpoor (@_alibayatpoor)


Ali Bayatpoor is a seventeen-year-old e-commerce specialist and business mentor. He has managed to make 6 figures in sales at such a young age and now helps other people in achieving their e-commerce dreams by teaching them his methods and business strategies through one on one sessions. It is truly astounding to see how much Ali has achieved at such a young age. He loves educating people on money management and on ways to make more profits in business. He’s a firm believer in perusing your passion and doing what you love.

Ali was only fifteen when he first discovered dropshipping. Dropshipping is a supply chain management method that lets you sell products by using a supplier that holds the inventory and ships the product for you. He saw people making good money through e-commerce, doing what they loved by just using their laptops from wherever they wanted. These people are called “digital nomads”. He saw people running their online businesses from their laptops all around the world, such as in Bali, Thailand. He was very inspired by them and felt that this is where his true passion lied.

Ali knew that he was a business-minded person since he was very young. He started running his first business when he was just ten years old, selling PS4 games on eBay under his parents’ name. Later, he would sell sweets in high school when he was around thirteen years old. And then at fifteen, he finally embarked on the eCommerce career path by starting his first online store on Shopify.

But being successful, at such a young age, does not come without its challenges. Ali dropped out of college in the UK in October of 2019 at 17 to achieve his career goals fulltime. He noticed that he wasn’t able to give his passion his all while in school, so he made the tough decision. He knew that a nine to five office job was not something that he would be happy doing. He struggled a lot with his decision as his parents weren’t happy with him as they wanted him to get an education and peruse the medical field as his sister had done. However, Ali took a stand and chose to follow his own path. He knew that his parents might be unhappy with him now, but in the long run, they would be proud of him when they’d see how happy his career makes him and the financial security and success it will have awarded him by the time.

Ali is extremely passionate about teaching other people the secrets he’s learned in the eCommerce industry from his own experience and hence takes one on one sessions with people who want to learn and are passionate about eCommerce. You can find him on Instagram under @_alibayatpoor to follow his journey on the goal to make £1,000,000 in profits. He shares invaluable advice with more than one thousand of his followers as well as scenic pictures of his travels around the world.

It is truly remarkable to see how much Ali has achieved in his short time in the eCommerce industry and at such a young age. Ali is very courageous for he has done what most people hesitate to do, choose the road less taken, and gone against the flow. He wants people to understand that you should not let age hold you back from perusing your dreams, people will always say you’re too young or too old to do something. It is up to you to prove them wrong and show your worth. Ali, at seventeen, has made over £100,000 in the e-commerce space with nothing but pure conviction. All one needs is to believe in their capabilities, set goals for themselves, and strive until you achieve them.

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