Ali Arsalan (@aahypercars)


The automobile industry has, since its birth, always been one of the most interesting and fascinating industry out there that never fails to amaze us with the new technology it brings all along. Ali Arsalan is a student from the United Kingdom that also shares this passion for cars and his love for cars mainly lies in the exquisite part of the industry that features super and hypercars.

Being under the charm of these beautiful cars for a very long time, Ali finally decided to unfold his love for supercars and hypercars with the world in hopes of finding similar minded people and to spread the love for cars. Just like every other industry has a fan base lusting to get the latest information or news about the most exotic of its components, Ali serves as the source of information for most car lovers and is known as an automotive influencer in the industry, giving him a lot of responsibility and perks that come along with it.

Ali strives to become the only and most reliable source of car-related information for as many people as people and that is exactly why he believes that he wants to create a platform that people can use to get information about their favorite up and coming super and hypercars and can trust the platform in providing the right information. Always influenced by fast and luxurious cars in his young days, living in a city where luxurious and exotic cars were commonplace, he always had an eye on these cars with the hopes and dreams of owning one of these in the future like any other young person. This inspired him to create the platform that he is working on to date and he’s had a very successful journey so far and hopes to only go forward.

121Starting from nothing but his love and passion for the automotive industry, Ali had a 5 year-long journey of pouring his love to the public in the form of blogs. This took a lot of hard work, persistence, and patience and eventually paid off as he got known in the industry and surroundings. It is said that if you follow something that you love to do with pure dedication and passion, it surely pays off and that also applies to Ali’s life as through his years of blogging, he’s been exposed to many different opportunities that he has been sure to take as many of, as possible. This includes getting the opportunity to be at multiple exclusive car shows, giving him the ability to keep his followers updated about the latest of cars and at the same time, fulfilling his own dreams of seeing his favorite exotic cars up close and even getting to experience some.

Communities play a huge role in a fan base and our automotive blogger left no chance to interact and network with as many like-minded people as possible through his journey by not only the internet but even at the car shows he attended, giving him a chance to discuss different cars and share his passion about cars with others and at the same time, help his community grow.

Making sure that no worthy car is left out, Ali brings to light the most deserving cars out there and that includes beauties like Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Koenigsegg’s, being the companies bringing the most exclusive cars in the current global market and have been the leading companies for super and hypercars.

Ali can be found posting about his favorite upcoming cars and even vintage cars at some point on his Instagram @aahypercars where he makes sure not to miss any chance to showcase the most exquisite designs, mouthwatering interiors and makes sure that the cars are heard well.

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