Justyn Devon Cox (@thejuggernaut_mma)


Being a sportsman requires both physical and mental strength. Succeeding in the world of sports demands dedication and patience. Making a name for yourself as a successful sportsman can be relentless. But the result of such a struggle can be worth it if you put in enough of your energy, just like Justyn ‘The Juggernaut’ Cox!

Justyn Devon Cox – known as ‘The Juggernaut’ – is a 21-year-old who has been making waves in the world of mixed martial arts. The Juggernaut is currently a mixed martial artist. Mixed martial arts is a sport that combines the art of kickboxing and martial art with wrestling. But ever since The Juggernaut has stepped into the cage, his skill has been making waves! Being a sportsman since his childhood, Justyn Cox has always had the disciplined mindset of an athlete. His childhood mainly revolved around football. But his skill and ability were noticed by his high school wrestling coach who approached him multiple times to join the school wrestling team. But joining the team meant that Justyn had to give up on football.

After taking some time to decide, Justyn finally gave up football, soccer, and every other sport he played to give wrestling a shot. It was evident that the young boy had a natural talent for the sport. Since sports had been an important part of Justyn’s early life, it only made sense for him to pursue it professionally as well. After wrestling throughout his high school years, Justyn was then introduced to MMA – and he never looked back!

Becoming part of the MMA completely changed Justyn’s life. He started training extensively at the sport. Transitioning from wrestling to a full-contact sport like MMA which involved highly dangerous cage-fighting was a difficult task. But with consistent training and practice, Justyn Cox started to make a name for himself in the game. The sportsman’s ultimate goal was to make his friends and family proud. Not only does he play the sport to follow his passion, but he also dedicates his success to the people that he loves.

After being part of the world of MMA, The Juggernaut had several other opportunities open up for him. In addition to his sports career, Justyn also channeled his energy to help people in need. The sportsman received medical training and enlisted in the navy as a medical technician. Not only did serving as a corpsman prepared him to be ready for the unexpected at all times, but it also provided him with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! One of the most life-changing things to ever happen to him because the sport is when Cox got the chance to wrestle for the Navy! At the age of 21, when the young sportsman was serving as a hospital corpsman in the Navy, he was provided with the opportunity to serve as a player on the All-Navy Wrestling Team. The experience as one of the greatest learning opportunities for the young wrestler as he got to hone his skill in the presence of some of the most professional sportsmen in MMA.  Wrestling for the Navy introduced Justyn to a new kind of ethos and discipline that the sport requires. The experience has gotten him one step closer to his dream of becoming a world-known athlete at such an early age!

Despite his unbelievable skill, the young athlete believes that he owes all of his success to the people who have constantly kept him motivated. What makes him stand out is the honesty with which he plays the sport. Whether he wins or loses, he never misses a chance to express his gratitude to those he loves. His family, friends, coaches, and fans who have stuck with him through his journey.

The aspiring MMA star’s journey has a long way to go and with the kind of talent he possesses, it’s no doubt that his career will always prove to be remarkable. To keep up with Justyn’s training and fights, you can follow him on Instagram @thejuggernaut_mma and twitter @thejuggernaut_m.

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