Garry dahan (@garry_dhn)


For many, the transition of moving across countries for work is tough. But Garry Dahan would do anything in the name of the most pure emotion – love. Born and raised in France, Garry didn’t have a concrete career path in life, but he knew he wanted to do something that would make his friends and family happy. Being a people’s person, it only made sense that when he started developing his photography skills that his life’s passion was to document people at their happiest.

At a young age of 29, Garry has established his own company Garry Dahan Photography (GND Productions) which caters to wedding photography and filmmaking for couples looking for someone to freeze their picture-perfect magic together. He had always enjoyed capturing portraits and working with people, but it wasn’t until he had launched his own business in 2010 when he began exploring the idea of covering weddings. As expected, it was pure contentment and joy in the form of work.


Garry works closely with the bride and groom to make sure that he photographs the moments and the people that are important to them on their biggest day. He does not believe in staging photographs or asking his clients to pose, he’d much rather capture the natural and the sensitivity of the moment, because those are the moments he knows are most precious to them for the many years to come.

Since he established his business in France, Garry became a multi-talented wedding photographer and began incorporating film within his work. Very soon, he began offering filmmaking services as well to adoring couples, from full-fledged coverage to short exciting highlight reels. His fabulous work slowly gained fame and he decided to move to Israel to pursue wedding photography further. Being a travelling enthusiast, it gave him more joy to peruse new locations and he always found himself on the lookout for more culturally authentic, rustic, and aesthetic locations for his shoots.

For travellers, exploring new cultures is as fascinating as the journey itself and Garry found himself immersed in the vast richness of Israel where he experienced a lifestyle very different from his home. The land is known for  “flowing with milk and honey”, where an emotional event like a wedding is cause for great celebration and a lot of partying. It also involves some beautiful customs of a Jewish wedding like Shabbat Hatan (Groom’s Sabbath), Mikvah Bathing Ritual, The Groom’s Tisch and the Ketubah. All of these rituals are special and important to Garry who enjoys focusing on each individual ceremony’s fun and love. One of his favourite traditions is that of Henna, in North African and Indian ethnic groups, where brides adorn their hands with henna. He also really enjoys being behind the lens for the Ketubah, where the groom will take his first look at a bride and it is a shy, joyous moment for the both of the individuals coming together in matrimony.

To every artist, it is important to establish their unique style in their art so as to bring more value and aesthetic in their work. The same is true for Garry. Always being attracted to photography, he enjoyed capturing photos of people. He quickly realized the importance of photographing couples in their realest, rawest, happiest element. He’s constantly on the lookout for intimate and joyful moments, capturing it with a style that is true to the personality of the people — quietly happy, outrageously excited, a merry family, you name it! These photos create emotion that resonate with the couple throughout their lives – so it’s important to set off on the right foot!

Garry has a knack for capturing his subjects looking breezy, natural, joyful, and totally in the moment. His gorgeous portfolio and services can be checked out on instagram @garry.dahan or on his website

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