EL3CTRXX (@el3ctrxx)


El3CTRXX is an internationally recognized producer and disc jockey. He has been working in the music and entertainment industry for over fifteen years and is known to push “the boundaries of sound on every level to deliver pure dance music that crosses over many genres.” Thus, his ability to not restrict his music to one specific genre is what makes it so unique and appealing to others.

El3CTRXX is a popular musician and has more than forty thousand followers on Instagram; people who not only love his music but also the positive vibes that he spreads. He often posts motivational quotes by famous musicians, aiming to inspire others to follow their heart and achieve their dreams. He feels that the only way to achieve this is for a person to be the best version of themselves and always work hard and pursue something they are the most passionate about. It seems that El3CTRXX himself continues to do this through his music career. His Instagram bio says that he has new music coming out soon, which his fans are very excited about. A teaser was dropped in November of last year, which said that he would be releasing a new album in 2020. There is much hype around it and it feels as if it will be one of his best works.

El3CTRXX is originally from the city of Indianapolis in Indiana but grew up with his family in Louisville, Kentucky. After this, he spent many years living in different cities in California, including Los Angeles and San Diego. He is currently based in Southern California and produces all of his music there. Living in different cities all his life really benefited El3CTRXX as it exposed him to multiple music styles and genres. This greatly influenced him and his work process, allowing him to experiment with different styles and figure out what suited him the best. For example, in the early 2000s, when he was living in southern California, he would attend many shows in LA. Only after watching these shows, he did  start loving the EDM culture and wanting to immerse himself in it. He was very inspired by seeing his favorite artists perform and it made him realize he wanted to pursue the same thing. Thus, living in different cities not only convinced him to chase his dreams, but also decide which style of music he wanted to follow: something that “crossed all genres while keeping an electronic dance base to each of them.”

Famous artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Diplo, Tiesto, Daft Punk, Ferry Corsten, and many more had a huge impact on El3CTRXX and the reason why he started taking music seriously. Previously in college, he was only lending his DJ services for parties and events on campus. However, after listening to these artists’ incredible music, he decided to launch his own musical career. Now, he has his own entertainment company, called Electro House Entertainment and he also performs at several Kentucky Derby events, including The Derby Hot 100 party. The release of his new album is also supposed to have a record release party in Tampa, followed by some other shows. Even though his sound is mostly based in dance or EDM, there are certain specific genres he focuses on, like progressive house and deep house. However, in the future, he would also like to dabble in other genres, not specific to EDM.

El3CTRXX’s popularity does not only stem from the fact that he is an experienced artist, but also that he aims to spread love and hope through his music. He works tirelessly to create tracks that are genuine and that resonate with his fans on a deep, emotional level. This is why his fans love him and keep going back to his songs. His belief that music can bring people together and help spread positivity is the reason he enjoys doing it and is also what makes him such a special and beloved artist.

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