The Dallas Opera (@thedallasopera)


The Dallas Opera is a famous American opera company located in Dallas, Texas. The company holds performances at the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House, one of the venues of the AT&T Performing Arts Center. It was officially founded in 1957 with the name “Dallas Civic Opera” by Lawrence Kelly and Nicolà Rescigno, who were both active members of the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

It is known as a world-class performing arts organization that produces remarkable mainstage as well as chamber opera performances. It has garnered national and international attention, not only through outstanding performances but also through the company’s commitment to community outreach and education.

In its inaugural season in November 1957, The Dallas Opera hosted a glamorous and heavily publicized concert that immediately gave them rise to fame. The concert starred Greek soprano Maria Callas, one of the most distinguished and influential Opera singers of the 20th century. In the years following, many international artists have made their American debuts at The Dallas Opera, including Dame Joan Sutherland, Plácido Domingo, Montserrat Caballé, Helga Dernesch, Teresa Berganza, Waltraud Meier, Dame Gwyneth Jones, renowned director, and designer Franco Zeffirelli, as well as Clémentine Margaine.

The Dallas Opera has become a brand of artistic excellence worldwide, as it has been hosting performances for more than 60 years. The amount of artistic brilliance and community engagement bought by The Dallas Opera has allowed it to play a major role in shaping the national and international cultural representation of Dallas. Not only that, but it continues to play an important role in the socio-economic impact of the performing arts in North Texas.

The business is managed by a Board of Directors and Trustees, which are comprised of distinguished leaders of the community. The Board of Directors is selected based on their commitment to the Opera by donating at the major gift level. They are invited to become members of the Board after approval from the Nominating Committee. Trustees, on the other hand, serve as ambassadors to the Dallas Opera in the community and lend their expertise at the three annual Board and Trustee meetings. Trustees are responsible for electing the Board of Directors and possess the power to amend any of the company’s by-laws. The Board of Directors meets five times annually (thrice with the Trustees) to receive comprehensive reports from all the working committees, vote on the annual budget, as well as to attend to other administrative matters.

There are numerous productions offered at the Dallas Opera, including mainstage performances, Opera, concerts, special events, family performances, and free events. The performances have a wide variety of themes such as comedy, drama, fairy tales, Greek myths, and legends as well as dramatic retellings of stories from the medieval and renaissance periods.

The Dallas Opera also has a program called TDO Network, which aims to educate its audience about classical music and the power of opera. TDO Network has a diverse group of professional content creators hailing from the opera industry; each series on the network engages with the community in a unique manner that goes far beyond the traditional live performance of opera. Lovers of classical music and opera can find a variety of topics to interest them on this network.

Moreover, The Dallas Opera has educational programs for school going students and adults. For school going students, there are separate programs for different age-brackets and grades. These lessons include comprehensive teacher development and TEKS-aligned, cross-curricular materials that integrate language arts, math, music, social studies, visual arts, and more to teach students about the working behind opera. Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, TDO now offers online classes across Texas and the US for free.

Ticket prices for viewing performances at The Dallas Opera are very reasonable and affordable for the general public. It also offers Student Discounts with tickets starting as low as $15, with additional group discounts. Moreover, it offers an annual subscription to all opera performances that will take place in the Winspear Opera House, which can help subscribers save between 15-30% on regular ticket prices.

On Instagram, The Dallas Opera has more than eighteen thousand followers. The team posts updates for every upcoming event, as well as behind the scene videos of rehearsals and recitals. They also post stories of excerpts from their educational programs and have recently transitioned to live stream performances due to the self-isolation period caused by the coronavirus. Anyone who wants to stay updated with the outstanding performances by The Dallas Opera can follow them on Instagram @thedallasopera as well as browse their website

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