Robert Samuel Selviah (@stuzii_)



Robert Samuel Selviah, known by his stage name Stuzii, is a rising star in the music industry, hailing from Hartford, Connecticut in the United States. Stuzii has been passionate about creating and listening to music since his childhood. By the age of 12, he could play several musical instruments with fluency, which include piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Just by looking at his musical talent and skill in his youth, it comes as no surprise that Stuzii is already widely popular in the music industry, despite the fact that he is a beginner in the industry and started his career as a musician from January this year.

Music has been a constant in Stuzii’s life, and his passion has translated into him experimenting with different genres. However, he tends to focus more on producing a cross-genre mix of hip-hop and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in particular. A report from Spotify shows that he listens to six hours of music a day on average, which is a testament to his great love for music. Since the start of 2020, he has released three singles in the EDM and hip-hop category, on all music platforms, one of which was released in the first week of May. The tracks are titled Onto Better Days, Sonic Funkedelic, and his most recent single is called Astro Coastin’. His music is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Music, and Deezer. All his tracks were received quite well by his audience and played within the House Genre community quite often.

Stuzii was homeschooled from kindergarten to college. He grew up in between different cities, hence he has experienced the Yonkers, New York city life as well as Connecticut’s suburban country-style living, which have inspired his music taste to a great degree. His parents wished for him to graduate college, thus he fulfilled their dreams by pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems- with a minor in Internet Security, at Western Connecticut State University, from where he graduated in 2014. He currently works as a Business Intelligence Consultant at The Hartford, which is a well-established company in Connecticut that offers financial services to individuals and businesses. He also works in Artificial Intelligence.

Ever since Stuzii started releasing his music in all music streaming platforms, he was approached by multiple underground and mainstream music artists for collaborations. Recently, he went on a trip to Cleveland to work with a world-renowned and award-winning rapper, Machine Gun Kelly and his team. Since many artists have taken an interest in his music, and with multiple collaborations on the way, he is likely to make a huge impact in the music industry in the near future.

Alongside his profession as a Business Intelligence Consultant, Stuzii also works as a Freelance Creative Sneaker Specialist at Nike, where he designs custom basketball sneakers for professional NBA and NCAA athletes. He has also worked as a Business Analyst/Project Lead at Aetna in the past and volunteered at multiple places in the US, with varying job descriptions, such as a Biomedical Engineer Volunteer at a hospital as well as a Social Media Brand Manager at Besomebody incorporated.


On Instagram, Stuzii has more than five thousand followers. He often posts behind-the-scenes videos of him working on new music and updates his followers with upcoming and recently released tracks. In 2019, he collaborated with Brown Girl Magazine – a renowned media company and publication, to promote cultural awareness and unity of South Asians on Instagram. Most of his posts reflect his love for traveling and exploring scenic nature, as he often uploads pictures of his latest outdoor adventures; from exploring mountains and streams to relaxing at beaches on the West Coast. He is also a huge fan of basketball and avidly watches basketball matches for leisure.

Anyone who wants to stay updated with Stuzii’s incredible musical talent can follow him on Instagram @stuzii_ and follow him on any music streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, and Google Music) by searching his music handle, Stuzii.

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