Phil Peterson (@yugoweapon)


Laughter is the best medicine. In this day and age, even the youngest kids can’t hold onto the innocence that life is easy breezy. Everyone’s made aware at a very young age that life is one hurdle after another that you have to dodge and overcome at every turn. We grow up tentative of our every move, and already heavily burdened with the pressure of being the absolute best. We’re ordered to meet unbelievably high goals and patted down with reassurances of the sort that seem to kick us down more than they lift us. In a world where insults are passed off as constructive criticism, anything less than a hundred percent is considered a failure, and any time is not spent being productive in the conventional sense is called a waste of time, it’s impossible to force yourself to share even a smile with yourself. In these times, it is more important than ever to stop for a second and breathe. It’s just as important to remember to smile sometimes, and to laugh as much as life allows you to. There are some people who’ve acknowledged this issue in society and have dedicated their lives ensuring that people always have a reason to laugh. Phil Peterson took the tragedies in his life and reminded himself to smile for his own sake. When he could start doing it for himself, he decided to make sure that everyone else could as well.

For someone who has decided to spend his time and made his career about making people laugh, Phil’s journey to becoming a comedian was far from laughs and smiles. He learned the hard way how important it was to have the tinkling sound of joyful laughter in your life. His best friend and he spent the majority of their time together in high school going around playing pranks and finding new and creative ways to spread smiles and laughter. Amidst their mischief and shared silent laughs, Phil’s best friend started convincing Phil that he had a rare and unbound talent of making people laugh. He reiterated his belief throughout their friendship that he felt that Phil should use this rare ability and make sure to spread laughter as much as possible. His belief in Phil hit hard when he took his own life shortly after their time in high school ended. Phil, faced with this unexpected and profound heartbreak often thought back to those words and his friend’s passionate belief in him and decided to live up to his trust and expectations.

Having hit the lowest of lows, Phil knew how hard it was to function when faced with grief and how it took almost forever to walk out of that gloom with a smile on your face. Thus, Phil made it his life’s mission to ensure that he could allay people of their burdens and grief if only for a short time. He wanted to be a source of happiness and hope as his best friend had been for him.

Phil isn’t just a comedian though. He’s dabbled in a lot of things on the side- and perhaps the most he has excelled in is powerlifting. He isn’t just a ruggedly handsome comedian spreading smiles, he has also been busy setting world records in powerlifting. It seems as if he’s talented in more than just lifting people’s moods- he’s exceptionally talented at lifting emotional and physical weights! He showed up at the professional weightlifting competition, International Powerlifting Federation, in 2005 and reserved the first position in most of the competitions he participated in since then. He was the face of the powerlifting circuit from 2005 to 2013, securing top positions in most of the competitions he partook in. He has also retained the title of the only undefeatable champion even now!

It is a mark of a great sense of humor that when asked one of the most interesting stories of his career, Phil’s go-to story is the time he shared the men’s room with Barack Obama. It’s clear that he’s used his humor on numerous occasions to light people’s lives up and there’s some hope in thinking that he’ll be around to help a lot many more!


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