Nadine Artemis (@livinglibations)


Living Libations is a popular organic skincare line based in Ontario, Canada. It was created by Nadine Artemis, who is a professional beauty philosopher and aromachologist. Currently, the company is co-owned by Nadine and her husband, Ron Obadia and they are both completely committed to “create and share natural, pure and organic personal skin care products.” The company is very popular: it has more than twenty-eight thousand likes on Facebook and almost fifty-six thousand followers on Instagram. However, even though the Instagram account’s handle is “livinglibations,” it also acts as Nadine’s personal account. Thus, the posts vary from photographs of her home life to pictures that market the new products being sold by Living Libations. Nadine is an experienced individual, who managed to take something she loved and turned it into a successful business that will operate for years to come. If there is one person who’s journey you can undeniably be inspired by, its Nadine.

Nadine had always been a curious and imaginative child. She first stumbled upon the worlds of botany and aromachology when, for a school science fair project, she combined flasks of essential oils to recreate the popular perfume L’Air du Temps by the French fashion house, Nina Ricci. It was a success and encouraged her, even more, to experiment on other things within that area. She ended up creating organic beauty balms, reviving elixirs, effective oral care, and perfumed poetry and sold it to those who needed these things in their lives.

In 1994, Nadine reached greater heights by opening North America’s first full concept aromatherapy store, called Osmosis. She was only twenty-two years old at the time and credits her mother for helping her with the layout and design of the store. Not just that, but her mother’s happiness at her dreams coming true, inspired Nadine, and made her feel even more secure about her future. Since the opening of her first store, Nadine and her work have featured in multiple newspapers and magazines, such as the Hollywood Reporter, Flare, Vogue, the National Post, and the New York Times. Her products have received great reviews everywhere and she also makes appearances on television, radio shows, and podcasts, where she is asked to impart her extensive knowledge on health and beauty. Her level of innovation and unique and natural approach to health and beauty is the main reason why singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette describes Nadine as “a true-sense visionary.”


Other than being a founder of a successful company, Nadine is also the author of two books: Renegade Beauty and Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums. Renegade Beauty was published in 2017 and is currently available on Amazon to buy. It is an immensely sought-after book and, in an interview, Nadine said that the book’s purpose is not about informing its readers about healthy skincare regimes, but instead asks them to think about nature as a force that can bring great benefits to one’s life. She wants people to understand that true beauty can only be achieved through natural means and not artificial ones. Once people are able to appreciate the true power of nature, only then can they live a healthier and beautiful life.

Nadine is very grateful for all that she has been able to achieve in her life, and having her partner by her side throughout the entire time has made the journey even more precious. She enjoys her work and loves the fact that she was able to pursue her passion and how it resulted in bringing change to the world. Many women have expressed their gratitude through emails and social media messages about how they were able to regain their confidence by using Living Libations products or implementing the advice in Renegade Beauty. For Nadine, helping women “transition from self-consciousness to self-assurance” has been a great honor and she is glad that her work is leaving a significant mark in the world.

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