Mohamet Bakara Diallo (@iammohamet)


The world is still, yet so dynamic and that is exactly why to work, it needs entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are people who make sure that this world sees new creations and new inventions as time goes, they’re people striving to make a change to how we see things, how we do our daily chores, and how we live life itself. Thoughts like “What if” occur to us every passing moment and nothing that we use nowadays could be possible if an entrepreneur didn’t think about that and worked for it. Mohamet Bakara Diallo, known as mo gâtes is a young entrepreneur from Senegal who lives in New York while making his ideas into realities one by one whilst exploring different exciting fields.

For something to be successful, hard work and a lot of struggle and compassion towards it play a great part of how it’ll turn out and Mohamet makes sure that he gives whatever he gets into, every ounce of his effort and come out with a smile and the feeling of success is something very familiar to him but something he can never stop craving.

For someone like our man, staying on a single lane seems like a cage and that is exactly why he makes sure that he starts whatever fascinates him and looks it to the end and makes sure he secures it as his own forte. This ability to see things to the end is what only some people possess as it takes huge amounts of effort and focus and that is something worthy of praise as most people tend to start stuff and never be able to see it till their end.

Mo gates know that partying is a necessity of life and is something that one needs at least once in a while to cool off, and have the time of their lives away from the stresses of life and also is well aware of how important life events can be for people and makes sure that neither of those is disappointed by producing high-level corporate events with the best of event strategy and unmatched experience and making sure that the event meets the artist’s requirements and budgets well with his company named MO GATES GLOBAL LLC, an events and concerts company that can be followed at

The electronic media plays a huge role in how information is travelled across the world today and the internet makes sure that no news is gone unheard. This is possible by the existence of news websites that provide us with the latest information about what is going on around us and helps us be aware of our surroundings. Mo knows just how important that can be and owns a news report company known as NAKODALTV that can be followed at

Mo gâtes claims that he always seeks to explore more and hustle as he goes. This is possible by his versatile approach towards the entertainment industry and its depths as he’s worked in multiple sectors of it such as concerts, sports events, and even booking artists.

Believing in empowering the youth into becoming better versions of themselves and to back them up on the matters, Mohamet is a politician and a member of the R.L.S party and making sure that no voice is left unheard and no soul is left and unable to continue forward, Mohamet also gives motivational speeches to the youth in Senegal aiming to provide as much insight and as many real-life checks and hopes to make them stand up no matter what gets thrown at them.

Mohamet can be followed on Instagram @iammohamet where he makes sure that he motivates young ones into a better lifestyle by showing what he’s been able to achieve and connect with his community.

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