Mike Maschina (@mike_maschina)


Michael Maschina was born in Vienna, Austria on January 27th, 1992. As a child, he had a great interest in films. He loved to watch them over and over again but soon even he realized that why to watch it over and over and when you can do something different. With that realization he decided it would be even better to shoot a movie himself. He grabbed his handheld camera and with his enthusiasm he tried to recreate one of his favorite movies. One thing led to another and before he himself realized his first short movie called ‘SIC’ had been nominated to film festivals around the world. He could not express how happy of a moment for him this was. His journey had only begun, however, as Michael would not only direct more films and gain even greater recognition but also set out to start his own production company.

His first movie titled ‘SIC’ was shot with an extremely low budget and a couple of Michael’s friends who believed in his dream as much as he did. The title of the movie was chosen after the Latin word SIC, meaning thus or just as. Mostly used after a quoted passage to indicate that the quoted matter has been transcribed exactly as found in the source text. The movie’s name was chosen very carefully as it was a surreal account of sexuality, fantasies, and the ‘inner cellar’ of the human mind. Depicting societies’ true face and intentions, SIC upheld its meaning. He kept the momentum going and in the same year he founded the production company RUMA Entertainment and started producing his first professional short movie “Jonah”. Which not only he directed like in SIC but he went on to do the writing and production of this masterpiece as well. Giving all of his creativity into all of its aspects and making it absolutely jaw-dropping.

The movie Jonah was inspired by the incidents of 27th August 2015, when the Austrian police discovered corpses of seventy-one refugees in an abandoned lorry parked on the side of the Burgenland State street. About seventy years ago, millions of people in Europe faced utter and complete madness at the hands of the Nazi-Fasci system. Millions including Jewish men, women, and children were slaughtered ruthlessly. Europe is now facing the biggest tragedy since World War II. The migrants that have reached Europe count more than approximately a million. These immigrants rely on whatever transport is possible in the desire to find a better life, they cross the sea, mountains, and forests for this dream to become reality. It is this very desperation for escape that throws their lives into the hands of human traffickers. Jonah tries to tell the tale of these unfortunate souls making the audience aware of the tragedy and loss they face. Jonah makes us remember the fact that if today thousands are trying to come to Austria for freedom, millions were leaving during World War II in search of freedom. The movie received the Award of Excellence at the Accolade Competition, the MFF award at the Manhattan Film Festival, and the Festival prize at both Monarch Film Festival and the Marbella Film Festival all in 2017. The movie continued to win another Award of excellence at the Global Shorts, Los Angeles in 2018 making a grand total of 5 awards in just 2 years.

After his movie career started Michael started working in the real estate business and founded his own company RUMA Estate which now has over 10 Million in assets already. Ruma specializes in commercial, industrial, warehouse, office and retail real estate in Austria with a focus on Vienna and the surrounding area. Their broad company portfolio allows them to develop the future of the commercial real estate. Michael’s plan is to be one of the big players in the Austrian real estate business and will continue working hard just like he always has with his films.

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