John Concepcion (@johnconcepcion)


John Concepcion is a 22-year-old rising musician, artist, and songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). He has been in the music industry for the past 10 years and began his musical career back in 2009 when the internet was huge for rising stars and musicians and making music and uploading covers was a big hit.  John was also inspired by the very same wave of musicians coming to the surface and he decided to test his own luck in the industry. Luckily for him, with the ample amount of talent that he has, he was able to land some really catchy and upbeat covers of really popular songs. His really recent covers include jolly tracks by the very popular Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, and Drake, and needless to say, he has done a great job at them.

John hasn’t only been involved in making covers. He has also been actively making his own music and releasing it, as well as collaborating with different artists and producing real bops. He has also been featured on a billboard as a part of a feature that he did with Talii. His single ‘Good to Be Bad’ received great applause from music critics and made its way to one of the highest honors that an artist can get, i.e. the billboard.

Throughout his journey in the music industry, John has been making enough impact on society through his music and has had some really commendable landmarks on the way. He has also had the fortune of being flown to the United States for several song-writing rendezvous and is currently working with industry producers on different kinds of music. Along with that, he has his own range of musical tracks that he is working on at the moment.

For an artist that started with social media, he now has a great following on all of his social media accounts. His Facebook currently has 7k followers whereas his Instagram has now 10.7k followers which are huge and are clearly an indication that he is really popular amongst the youth and especially social media users. His Youtube channel (@Johnconcepcion) also has 61k subscribers and he has a great collection of not just his own music and music videos but also numerous covers of really popular songs and collaborations with different artists including his own girlfriend as well. His Spotify has hundreds of thousands of plays and he has all of his original music as well as features and covers uploaded there. He has also very recently started his own TikTok channel and is posting videos there as well, with his significant other. Tiktoks are really big right now and it won’t be a surprise if John gets the best of that world too.

For John, the most interesting and enjoyable parts of his whole journey were being flown out to America to audition for Sony. That in itself is a huge deal for an emerging artist and it is no less than an affirmation of his talent that Sony would consider him for not only some of their music but also to make him part of one of their biggest boybands. Being flown out to audition for Sony wasn’t the only exciting part though, even better was the opportunities that it opened for John in his musical career. He stepped into the big market with all great companies and producers and songwriters and he was able to make acquaintance with them. Not only did he get to discover himself musically, but he also got to travel a lot which is always really exciting because you go around seeing the world and meet different people and are introduced to different lifestyles and cultures. All in all, John made the most of the opportunities that were provided to him and is still using them to their utmost potential.

At the very recent moment, he is working with great producers and song-writers and hopefully, he’ll have some really amazing tunes ready for us in a while. We might get to see quirky collaborations or who knows, we might even spot another Billboard feature. So stay tuned for more from John Concepcion, and till then enjoy his beautiful and evocative covers on his Spotify (@JohnConcepcion) and his Youtube channel.

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