Healthy Calorie (@healthycalorie)


Healthy Calorie Incorporated (known as @healthycalorie on Instagram) is a fast-casual restaurant chain located in Bahrain. It was found in 2009 and gained a lot of popularity in Bahrain due to its innovative vision, which is to make healthy food options available to its customers at reasonable prices. Healthy Calorie has the innovative concept of allowing its customers to track their calorie intake, by mentioning the number of calories present in ever food option. Its philosophy is that food that can be served fast does not have to be a traditional “fast-food” experience. It also describes its vision as aiming to be a leader in the fast-casual dining and quick service industry while growing their company wisely and bringing healthy food choices to communities all over the world.

Fast Casual restaurants tend to offer fast – food but made with better quality ingredients than those available at traditional fast-food restaurants. Healthy Calorie Inc. however, offers its own healthy twist to it by using high-quality organic ingredients. Along with the number of calories present in the food, the restaurant also mentions nutritional facts about the food, including the number of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins. This allows the customers to choose their meals according to their diet plan.

Over the past few years, there has been a steady growth in the healthy food industry, as more people around the world have become conscious about their food intake and its consequences on their health. Fast food is a popular food option worldwide, as it is inexpensive and involves quick service. However, it is unhealthier than other forms of food and leads to many detrimental effects on health, including obesity, high cholesterol – which causes heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, digestive issues, cancer, and decreases overall life expectancy. Due to all these negative effects on health, an increasing number of restaurants worldwide now offer healthier alternatives to fast food, including fast food made with organically sourced ingredients with low calories and better nutritional value. Healthy Calorie Inc. is one such restaurant.


Healthy Calorie Inc. offers a healthy alternative to traditional fast-food. It utilizes organically sourced ingredients in their salads, as well as wholegrain bread in burgers and sandwiches. The restaurant offers a diverse range of cuisines, including Middle-Eastern, Mexican, American, Indian, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine. It also offers a wide variety of healthy food options, including grill platters, Quinoa bowls, soups, fresh sandwiches, burgers, tacos, wraps, rice dishes, quesadillas, fresh salads, and noodles. Moreover, it provides nutritious beverage choices like fruit and vegetable smoothies, fresh juices, fresh iced-tea, and detox juices. These alternatives are especially good for people who want to achieve a balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, without the guilt of consuming unhealthy fast food. Healthy Calorie Inc. also has separate menus for popular diet plans such as the Keto diet and Low-Carb, High- Protein diet. These multiple food choices allow health-conscious customers to transition to their preferred diet plan with ease, without compromising the taste and quality of the food.

According to its website, Healthy Calorie Inc. has 8 different outlets across Bahrain. They also offer delivery through Talabat, the largest online food ordering platform in the Middle-East. The price range of the food offered is between BD 0.2 to BD 4.8, which is quite affordable as compared to high-end restaurants that provide similar high-quality food options. Healthy Calorie Inc. has a great number of good reviews on their Facebook page and Talabat, with customers affirming that the quality of food is amazing and value for money is good as well.

On Instagram, Healthy Calorie Inc. has more than twenty-five thousand followers, which is a testament to its popularity in Bahrain. The team behind the page posts aesthetically pleasing pictures of the food offered at their restaurant, including new arrivals, along with the calories and nutritional value of each food option. Every October, the restaurant uses 1 percent of the money generated through orders to raise awareness for breast cancer and donates it to hospitals that treat women suffering from breast cancer.

Anyone who wants to stay updated with the ever-expanding range of healthy food offered by Healthy Calorie Inc. can follow their page on Instagram @healthycalorie and Facebook page @healthycalories. They can also browse their website, to view the locations of the restaurant across Bahrain.

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