Everton Luiz Almeida da Silva (@tomlarus)


There are few ways in life where we are able to live something that’s bigger than us. As part of the human experience, it is vital for people to experience more than the everyday grind and turn to stories that connect them with other people. The arts give a window into different human experiences, and acting is one of them.

Tom Larus knew he wanted to be an actor since he was a little kid. Living in Miami, FL, he was acting and going to model agencies with his mother before he knew what stardom and fame are. He simply acted because he could live out his dreams of being whatever he wanted to be — a surfer, a cop, a cowboy — the limits were endless, and Tom has been modelling and acting ever since.

To advance his career as a model and actor, Tom has chosen to box and workout regularly. While he loves going on set and putting art out for his viewers, he enjoys the thrill of a good workout and believes one cannot go without the other.

Where there’s a Tom, there’s a way. To people who love their work, getting recognition for it, and opportunities to grow as both an individual and as an artist is a rewarding experience. Tom’s hard work and relentless determination have led him to be elected in the Mister Universal 2020 where he will be proudly representing his home country, Brazil. The incredible opportunity came from his jaw-dropping Instagram feed where he has uploaded his works for the @missmisteruniversal to marvel over. The Miss & Mister Universal is an international beauty organisation that preps aspiring contestants for universal pageants. He will now be competing in competitions in the USA and Portugal alike where he will be able to embrace his nationality as a South African model.

It makes some fateful sense that this comes as a massive break for Tom, since pageants were the first door to his modelling career when he was a teenager.  One of his favourite memories in this career has been of his first pageant where he was 18. One would expect that to be his chosen memory because he won, but surprisingly that is not so. However, when he came runner-up, he found that it wasn’t about the 1st position ever. The proud applause that followed his name, and knowing his friends and family supported him from the seas of the audience, was the ultimate prize. It became one of his most cherished memories.

Being in this field is no easy feat. It does not pretend nor play, but rather becoming and exhibiting emotions one may not have felt any time in their lives. This requires great patience and even greater sense of empathy. Tom, being of an extremely sensitive nature, channels that empathy in his work as well as his daily life. He is a great lover of animals and advocates for animal rights protection. He is also an avid admirer of nature and finds solace in it when he requires a break for his busy schedule.

“Your focus determines your reality.” This has been Tom’s quote to live by day and night. He has breathed these words in his actions, in his scenes, in his photographs, and in his boxing. As an artist who knew his place was on the screen to spread love and invoke emotion amongst crowds of people, he has remained focused on his goals and has really seen all the way to the end of the tunnel. He spreads warmth and shares his artwork on his instagram @tomlarus where he provides a window into his journey to becoming the best version of himself that he can be.

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