Eli Vibes (@eli.vibes.215)


Music is a form of art that in itself, has many unique and distinguished capabilities and these can only be achieved through the different artists that hone them in their own different styles. Music can be formed differently not just by the content but even make a huge impact just using a different beat.

The art of hip-hop and R&B is known to bring out the dormant dancer in one’s soul and Eli understands this deep love and understanding for the art better than any other artist out there. Eli is a hip-hop artist based in Bahrain that makes sure that he brings out the very soul of the music with every little detail possible and that gives Eli the upper hand in his craft.

Eli makes sure that his music is heard and heard well. This means that he aims to create music that not only inspires people to listen to it once but rather be there with them on many different occasions such as their travel companions, through their long drives and through tough times.

An artist can only survive if the art that he spends crafting for days is recognized and appreciated and that is only possible if the art is good and surely, Eli leaves no room to disappoint for his fans and they make sure that they let him know about the love for his songs by posting snaps of them jamming to it in their drives, dancing to it and even on the fields through their stories and he makes sure to show them that he appreciates the support.

There’s one common thing in great achievers and that is the tireless effort they put into their crafts and the bottomless dedication they have for it. All of this shows in an artist’s work and is one of the rules our very own hip-hop artist set for himself. To grind means to make sure that no opportunity is left untouched and to work till you’ve reached your ultimate goal and Eli believes in aiming for the top and not just waiting for it, but actively giving it your all for it and this can be the reason of his success so far and surely in the future too if he keeps it up as he has the dedication for the passion that he holds and no doubt, the talent for it too.


So far, we can see Elis album “Emotionz” which features different amazing songs such as “Why”, ” Racks up”, “Trippin'”, “The Truth”, “Gotta Know”, “Bossin up”, “Not Enough”, “One Time” and “Be Alone” which are all unique songs and make sure they stand out, each. Those are the tracks that he has put out for us to feast our ears on so far and he has no plan on stopping just there as from thereon, it only gets better!

With his amazing work, Eli has racked up nearly 5000 Followers on Instagram to date and continues to grow further every minute as he keeps his grind up, producing more and more amazing music for us and at the same time, makes sure that his lifestyle is visible to the public eye as he leaves no chance to groom himself into a better version of himself.

The Internet has allowed many different unrecognized talents to emerge and immerse into this society and this includes many different social platforms that help us do so. Eli makes sure that his fans can access his work with whatever platform they have better ease of access to as he posts it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, Deezer and Napster and he can be followed on his journey and lifestyle along the way through his Instagram @eli.vibes.215.

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