Alex Nyenga (@jackieruss1000)


In this day and age, entertainment and content creators have become a big part of everyone’s life. Whether it be through movies, music, or even short funny clips on the internet, none can deny that their day becomes better when they get to interact with their favorite content creator or artist. Creating such content is no easy task; however, Alex Nyenga does just that. Born on May 14, 1990, in Monrovia having completed his primary education by the age of 16, Alex was on his way to completing his degree from the international institute of computer studies and manpower development. He had bigger plans in mind however; his sense of adventure would not let him be content with just any ordinary job. Alex wanted more than that, he wanted to be closer to his passion and hence decided to start his own production company, Massive Media Concepts, in 2008. That was the starting point of his path. What let him down further was the fact that initially, he started off as a music producer; but seeing the need to advance and the challenges that are with video production, he couldn’t help but start making videos as well.

Alex always had a keen interest in making music videos that would capture his creative abilities. In fact he still tries keeping his fans engaged in new content in some way or another. Alex may be a video director and producer with his remarkable technical skills and experience, but don’t let that fool you that he’s always behind the lens. He is also an artist with his favorite style of expression being rapping; freestyle or not Alex has the capacity to deliver to an audience what they really want to hear. His many talents and skills allow him to make diverse content where he is the centerpiece of it all, working as the producer, colorist, video director, photographer and from time to time an artist helps give him the edge he needs to overcome his competitors in the industry.

Ever since joining the industry, Alex has had to face many challenges but one thing that he will agree with is that you don’t need expensive gear to make huge records. A lot of people get discouraged initially when they don’t have the gear or workplace to start off their work. Some of the best music makers like Billie Eilish recorded and produced with her brother in their childhood bedroom. Even the Grammy-winning records produced by Skrillex were made using broken speakers in a warehouse. Alex believes that nothing can come between talent and fame except the individual’s spirit.

Since starting his own production company he has had the great opportunity to serve as the official videographer for the Republic of Liberia at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2017. That is one of the many achievements he has but perhaps the biggest would be winning the Tunesliberia Video creator of the year award two years in a row in 2018 and 2019.  Alex has also managed to secure the MLMA video director of the year in the same year as his first Tunesliberia award. Currently, he has a total of 4 awards awarded to him for his ingenious creativity.

Although the role of a video director can seem very easy for someone from an outside perspective, it is quite difficult to achieve that level of creativeness. The task is very challenging. Just for one video, Alex has to come up with a scene, angles, and transitions. Once the whole thing is planned he shoots it multiple times to get the perfect cinematography done and then sits down to edit. While editing a person realizes the errors he made during shooting and in which case the shot has to be re-done. On top of that while editing, one has to add effects to make it more lively and entertaining. Clearly, Alex’s work is something not meant for everybody.

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