Wizzy P (@wizzyprincey)


Wizzyprincey is an accomplished Nigerian born musician. In the music industry, he professionally goes by “Wizzy P.” Having such a unique name lends him an individuality that is not found in most artists working in the industry. He is especially popular on Instagram with more than fifty thousand followers and as much as twelve thousand likes on one photograph. Most of his posts are pictures of himself or with his friends. In many, he is posing with his most prized possession: his Range Rover, which has his own name “Wizzy P” written in block letters on the license plate. Wizzy’s Instagram bio is an Arabic phrase that translates to “Not from this world.” This seems to be an allusion to the fact that he is a unique and special individual, who has worked hard to make sure his music is distinct and stands out in the competitive music industry. Thus, he is not like others and “not from this world.”

Wizzy was born and raised in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, and has been singing since a very early age. In his interview, he said that he has been into music his entire life and thus, it made sense for him to pursue a career in music. After much time spent honing his skill, he finally started recording as a solo artist in 2009. He performed multiple shows and gigs, some of which include the Calabar Carnival which lasts for a month, little Miss Akwa Ibom, Industry Nite, and many others such as these. In 2011, Wizzy finally dropped his first single, called “My Mind.” It was very well received by the audience and got great reviews from the critics. Thus, his hard work was finally paying off and his passion for music increased even more. Since the release of his first single, his career has been on an upward trajectory and there seems to be no end to his success and popularity.

Wizzy also has a YouTube channel that was created in 2013. The first track he released on the channel was his hot banging single “Alright,” which was produced by MIC ON. It was a remarkable achievement and the track deserves to be heard by everyone. It is available in iTunes, for anyone to buy and listen to. A couple of months later, it was also accompanied by a music video. The video was very well done and was shot on location in Lagos by Mimshach Films. It seems that Wizzy genuinely enjoys his work and likes to put all his effort into it.


Currently, he is being represented by JustJojo Entertainment, which is the UK based “online Nigerian music, entertainment, and promotion company.” It was created to help all kinds of musicians, artists, and producers showcase their amazing talent. Their website says that they are always “looking for the very best material possible to promote and market.” The fact that they signed up Wizzy shows what an extraordinary and talented musician he is. They saw potential in him and knew he would reach great heights so they signed him up. Wizzy and his undeterred passion for music was a great investment, that paid off quite well.

Wizzy is very glad about his career and the fact that he got to pursue something he really enjoyed. Performing at multiple festivals and events gave him a lot of exposure and allowed him to build contacts in the music world. One of his close friends is the popular Ghanaian hip hop artist, Medikal. He has also met some very famous people, such as the American rapper, Meek Mill, and the American-born Nigerian singer-songwriter, Davido. Wizzy’s advice for others struggling in the industry is to keep on working and never give up. This advice has worked for him very well because only with such strong determination and motivation you can get the success in your life.

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