Muhammad Chaidir (@muchai.mch)


Today, E-commerce plays a vital role in the development of business. In this regard, this article introduces you to a person who wishes to do and develop his business through the internet. His name is Muhammad Chaidir (@muchai.mch).


Muhammad Chaidir is the man who believes in the hard work and has been very committed, determined and dedicated to making his dreams come true. He wants his business to be flourished and for the development of his business, he works untiringly and is hopeful for the bright future. Recently he has taken to doing online business and it has proved very fruitful for him as some of his products got sold rapidly. He sells his products at a very affordable and reasonable price. He wishes that the number of followers is increased on his Instagram account as many people can have access to his online shop to buy his products very easily. Besides, he wants his official Instagram account (@markasfashion.pky) to be popular among people worldwide. The products he sells include women handbag and women sandal shoes. His products are quality based. He has his two Instagram accounts, one is his personal account (@muchai.mch) where he keeps updating his followers about his personal life and another is his professional account (@markasfashion.pky) through which he sells the items. In addition to this, He is of the belief that hard work and positive thinking can help one to reach the pinnacle of success. He has been passionate about being a businessman since his childhood and he still has been striving for being a successful and renowned businessperson. Though the business he is doing is of small scale but the way he is doing it will surely take him to start his business on a larger scale because he does online business now where maximum customers can be targeted and his dealing with his customers is in a persuasive and friendly way.

Additionally, he is always active on social media platforms because he wants to be in touch with all his followers. In one of his posts on Facebook, he says, “Now in palangkaraya, there is a cheap fashion centre that offers prices below 50k with premium quality, where else if not at @Markasfashion.pky providing cool, up-to-date bags and shoes and making the sista shopping experience amazing without worrying about perforated bags.” From this one can easily get to know that he remains active on social media not only to pass his time but he keeps promoting his business there.

Apart from his business, he in his personal life is a very charming and attractive person. He has got a loving heart and caring soul. Moreover, he is very optimistic and is never worried about anything and this can be known from the fact that this time due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the whole world is unprecedentedly going through a hard time and Muchai Mch has also been suffering because this time his shop is closed but he is very hopeful that this time will pass soon and the good time is yet to come. He is a very cheerful person too and knows very well how to enjoy his life even in bad times.

He has a huge fan following on Instagram and this can be known from the fact that He has 15K followers on his personal Instagram account whereas, on his professional account, he has 2,500 followers. More can be learnt about him and the products that he sells if he is followed both on his personal account (@muchai.mch) and professional account (@markasfashion.pky).

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