Mubaraq owolabi (@sleekzmarlian)


Is there anything such as someone who knows his way around everything? We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ Mubaraq Owolabi is intent on reminding everyone the remainder of the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none, better than being master of one.’ He’s the exception to the rule that you can only pursue one field and prove your talent in one sector. He’s as multi-talented as it gets and has been dabbling in all sorts of activities from a young age.

Mubaraq wasn’t born with the knowledge of all these fields. He didn’t know what quantum mechanics was, or the difference between the C and the C++ languages. He learned from a very young age that the key to hard work is success and success can only be earned with a consistent effort throughout! That’s why Mubaraq utilized his time from a very young age. He was never one to waste time- rather he was a siphon for knowledge- he soaked up any and all forms of the information offered to him and explored all the fields open to him!

Growing up he explored the realms physics opened for him and the long functions math subjected him to. He was one of the few students who never viewed studying as a chore, but rather revelled at the chance to discover what lay in the nooks and crannies of all these disciplines. He didn’t just stick to those two subjects; he explored the field of computer science is very aware of its rapid need in the world. Part of his intelligence was knowing what the world needed when, and adapting to it as need be!

The best thing about him perhaps was that in his thirst for knowledge, he didn’t consider the ‘hard’ sciences as the superior knowledge. He was studying only because he felt the urge to, thus when the field of music sparked his interest, he followed his instincts and delved deep into that field as well! He quickly immersed himself in recording and publishing music, opening a lot more avenues for him to work in.

It’s hard to imagine that someone can take this amount of responsibility on their plate and still be able to function well. While Mubaraq is a genius in his own right, it’s with a lot of talent and hard work that he’s been able to hone himself to acquire all this knowledge in such a short time! Most of us fail to achieve greatness only because our tendency to procrastinate gets in the way, but Mubaraq is living breathing proof that even this can be fought off! He’s dedicated to his work to an extent that he’s unable to feel comfortable until he’s done with his work- what a great way to maintain productivity!

The reason behind his success is none other than some of his most brilliant skills. Too often, capable people are not able to do well in the field because they’re unable to lead others. It’s important that when the need arises, you’re able to step up and take the reins- and that’s a talent Mubaraq has in abundance. Aside from his incredible leadership skills, he’s also incredibly flexible when it comes to situations and has trained his mind to adapt to all sorts of scenarios- an essential quality in a good leader and a team player!

Mubaraq has defined his life goals for himself, but at the same time, he’s made sure that he stays in touch with life as well. He has always enjoyed teaching kids, music as well as playing shuttle. Throughout his journey in his professional life, he’s made sure to give some space for himself as well! He has carefully structured his goals where his short term endpoint is to find a good job for himself, while his long term goal is more internal as well as external. His ultimate ambition is to work attain a respectable position in the company Rossgold Ent Limited as well as to become a better person in terms of responsibility and knowledge!

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