Mark Daryl T. Bajo (@whitechocolatespaceegg)


This article introduces you to a person, who is broadminded, bold, optimist and what not. His name is Mark Daryl T. Bajo but he is commonly and popularly known as whitechocolatespaceegg.

Mark Daryl is basically from Philippines where he breathed his first but now he has been living in Toronto. He shifted to Toronto when he was merely 13 years of his age. He is stylist and Inactive Nurse and professionally he works for a Public Relations office. He is a beautiful soul and has got loving heart and caring soul and can never afford seeing people suffering from poverty. And that can be witnessed from the fact that he has just initiated his charity work in the Philippines and the organization he has founded is titled as ‘Charity: Kids’.

The sole purpose of this organization is to collect donations from well to do persons and spend those on little kids who are in need. This focuses on little kids as they may get school supplies, meal and moreover they are taken for a fun day at the park as none of them falls prey to inferiority complex after looking other children going to spend their time and enjoy at the park. The most interesting thing is that Mark Daryl does not rely on donations alone for this purpose but he himself does what he can do and even he puts a portion of his earned money aside for spending on the needy kids. From this one can easily get to know how much generous and selfless person he is! His, such qualities make him loving and adorable person and he is loved and liked by every person especially kids around him. He expresses his happiness in these words, “Thank you, uncle (Filipino kids use ‘uncle’ even they are not related with you as a respect) Daryl! More blessings to come!” and further says, “Hearing these words every day when I am doing random deeds is so heartwarming.”

Apart from this, he does not like to be what he is not and always remain as he is. He is real and straightforward and does not care about what society will think of him. Not worrying about what he does makes him very cheerful and enables him to enjoy every moment of his life with full confidence and most of the time he is found in female attire. Besides, he, as a stylist and fashionista, works for local brands too.  According to him, he came into contact with local brands which started working with him through Instagram.

His long hair and female clothes that he put on confuse many people around him and usually he is taken to be a female by majority. Any ways, he is intending to start a weekly inspo #inspobyMarkDaryl where he will be displaying outfits inspo. He has been widely known person now and it is all because he believes in himself and his abilities and does not pay attention to what people think of and talk about or against him. Interestingly, he is not with any fake identity but he remains real and loves reality and originality. That’s why he is of the view that a person must follow his/her instincts and be himself/herself.

In addition to this, He is found to be very active on social media and through his social media accounts, he always stays connected with his fans and followers and for social media he says that Social Media to him itself is very toxic, but he enjoys it when he does creative stuff. He has been able to garner around 10.2k followers on his Instagram account. There he keeps uploading his pictures and videos and by looking at any picture, one will come to know how much cheerful and bold he is! He can be found and followed on his Instagram account and on Facebook

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