Manuela Camporaso (@earthtraining)



Manuela Camporaso is a lady of many talents. She was born on April 27, 1983, in Battipaglia, Italy.  Recently turning 37 in 2020, Camporaso currently resides in Sydney and has accomplished quite a lot at a relatively young age. Her list of accomplishments and the professions she has pursued are quite long. From acting, writing, traveling the world, working in the corporate sector, and working as an extra on the sets of various movies Camporaso has done it all! Her adventurous life is a result of her ambitious personality and her drive to search for her true passions.

Born in Battipaglia, Italy Camporaso was always an ambitious child. Despite her humble beginnings, she was determined to pursue things in life that brought her a sense of personal fulfillment and gain. Her journey truly started when she moved to Milan in 2004. After this, she worked all kinds of jobs to earn money. She worked as a waitress, a secretary, a saleswoman, and even worked in a call center. Working these jobs was important for her at the time since she was trying to make a living and sustain herself singlehandedly. With the money she earned from her various jobs, Camporaso funded herself through various acting workshops and theater classes. This not only developed her passion for acting but polished it to the extent that she was hired as an extra on the sets of various films and advertisements. These include “Bleeding Steel” (2017), “Soof” (2013), and “Hello Au Revoir” (2018). The salary she earned from these productions helped her save money and invest in more theater classes. Despite her financial struggles, Camporaso never gave up and truly scraped her way up from the bottom!

At the age of 26, Camporaso finally decided that she had enough of working jobs that were boring and did not give her a sense of fulfillment. As a solution, she left in January 2010 on a trip to Asia. This trip continued for 8 months and Camporaso visited Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Malaysia, etc. Despite having very little money in her pocket, Camporaso was determined to make the most of this trip. She even stopped in Hong Kong for two months and gave Italian lessons so that she could earn money to fund the rest of her trip. She has a thing for adventure and spontaneous plans!

After her eight months in Asia, she spent a year in Ireland, and two years in Holland. During this time, she grew a liking to Australia because of its employment opportunities and rich, diverse culture. Due to this, she finally shifted to Australia and started working there. After working for multinational companies as a debt collection officer in Australia, Camporaso decided she wanted to continue her studies in the fields of marketing and media. She worked and studied at the same time, working hard and relentlessly to achieve her goals. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for life-coaching and helping people. The life-coaching sector is booming in Australia and Camporaso became a life-coach after acquiring her certificate online. She now uses her skills to train both young people and adults and offers them advice on how to solve their problems and improve their lives. She is a somewhat social media influencer with around 10k  followers on her Instagram page (@earthtraining). Camporaso regularly uploads motivational videos and fun pictures on her page and also has various interactive sessions with her followers.

It looks like Camporaso has finally found the job of her dreams in a place that she loves! She considers Australia one of the best places to live and work due to its cultural diversity, beautiful views, and stable employment opportunities. Her ambition, iron will, and sense of adventure have finally led her to the place of her dreams! Through her achievements, she has proved that even the wildest dreams are achievable!