Joshua Bernard Bellinger (@yaemarr)


Tom Waits very beautifully says, “For a songwriter, you don’t really go to songwriting school, you learn by listening to tunes.” And he is very right in his saying because songwriting is an art. In this connection, this article introduces you to a songwriting artist who is a very sensitive, loving, caring, and gentle person. His name is Joshua Bernard Bellinger (@yaemarr).

Joshua Bernard Bellinger is the songwriting artist and he has written the lyrics of seven songs and got them recorded in the studio. Moreover, He has always been committed and determined to pursue his passion and is a very ambitious person who always wanted to be something in his life. He has been attracted to music since his childhood and always wanted to be a professional songwriter. For that, he kept working hard to make his dream come true and ultimately hard work paid him off. Due to his sincere efforts, he has been a successful songwriting artist and he takes pride in becoming something from nothing in his life. He is of the view that a person, who works hard and puts sincere efforts in the process of pursuing his dreams and never gives up can easily reach the pinnacle of success. Moreover, he believes that life is not a bed of roses, every person has to meet with challenges in his/her life but those who welcome and face the challenges with confidence can easily overcome those.

Furthermore, he is a very creative and optimistic person and always thinks big and positive.  He also wished to be an actor because of being inspired by one of the actors whose name is Tayler Perry. Besides, he also wants to be the designer and dream of having his own brand in the future. And he will surely have his brand one day because he is the man who believes in hard work and always remains busy in materializing his dreams. He is a very cheerful person and enjoys every moment of his life. Apart from this, he always looks forward to learning from other persons around him. He is very active on his social media account where he updates his fans and followers about his personal life. He has been able to garner thousands of followers on his Instagram account.

In addition to this, he gives the credit of being what and where he is today to his grandmother because she played a significant role in his upbringing. She always believed in his abilities, supported, and encouraged him. She even kept motivating him at every moment. For that reason, he is not only grateful to such a strong and beautiful lady but also loves her a lot. This can be witnessed from one of his posts on his Instagram account that he shared while wishing ‘Mother’s day’ to his grandmother. In the post he says, “Grandma, I just gotta say I love you so much you were there for me from 0% to 100% that’s how much you gave me as a guardian. You are phenomenal to me because you raised me and my 5 other siblings through the toughest times and I truly appreciate everything that you thought about me and done for me because if you and my grandfather were not there for me, I don’t know where I would be and how my style would be. I know I was not the best grandson from time to time but as time flew and my mind-set changed and now all I think about is respecting you and making you smile.”

Moreover, if one visits his profile on his Instagram account, one will find him to be a decent, lovable, and adorable person. Besides, he is a very emotional person and afraid of hurting anyone around him. He just wants to love and be loved.  More can be learned about him if he is followed either on his Instagram account ( or his Twitter account (

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