Jay Moir (@jaymoir_)


Benjamin Snow in his essay “Attitudes About People with Disabilities” has beautifully said, “Disability is natural. We must stop believing that disabilities keep a person from doing something because that’s not true. Having a disability does not stop me from doing anything.” And he was very true in his sayings. If one turns the pages of history, one will come across various personalities like Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller, and others who in spite of being physically handicapped did wonders, and the world was astonished to see them. Each of them is known for his/her abilities, not for disabilities. In this connection, this article introduces you to Scotland’s first wheelchair-using gym instructor. His name is Jay Moir.

Jay Moir besides being a qualified gym instructor is an avid weightlifter, Adaptive athlete, ambassador, blogger, and influencer. He is a wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy, residing in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a very cheerful person and knows how to enjoy every moment of his life. He is very much health conscious and wants to live a healthy and positive life. He has got a loving heart and caring soul and wants other people like him to live contented, hale, and hearty and optimistic life too. He is extremely passionate about fitness and everything related to the gym because he believes that fitness and gym have very well and truly changed his life. He got diagnosed with mental health issues too but he fought against and overcome those issues. He is of the view that medicine and drugs be used as a last resort.

Furthermore, he is of the view that one must pursue one’s dreams and tries to get them materialized and it will be possible only when one never gives up and thinks about what one can do, not what one can’t do. Similarly, Jay Moir thought of joining the gym to live a healthy life and his disability never stopped him from pursuing his dreams, he tried hard, and finally, he succeeded in becoming a gym instructor. Now he trains many other persons who are with disabilities and enables them to become more positive both physically and mentally as they lead a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Currently, he trains 6 days a week, 5 days of strength training, and 1 day of Adaptive CrossFit. His job of training has been super important to him. He describes his passion about going to the gym in these words, “Going to the gym for me, is not a ‘chore’ or a ‘nightmare’ – it’s my passion, not my hobby, my passion – it’s my life, it’s what I aspire to be the best at one day.”

Apart from this, he is a very social person too and has taken part in many charity works. He believes in his abilities and is never worried about anything. He is very optimistic and always hopes for the best. In the description of one of his shared pictures on Instagram, he says, “trying to push me every day, discovering new abilities and new ways to expand my ability and strength! Don’t let a disability stop you from being the strongest and best person possible! A strong mind is all you need. At 12 years old, (to my disbelief) I was at physio assessment, and half-way through, I had to stop for oxygen and was told I was at risk of a heart attack. 8 years later, I am a man on a mission!!” from this one can easily understand how brave and courageous he is! He meets with the challenges of life bravely and confidently. He was determined to do what seemed impossible and with his determination, training, and will-power, he became able to be a certified gym trainer. He has been able to garner 3367 followers on his Instagram account @jaymoir. He is the owner of his own website too www.jaymoir.com where one will find his most recent pieces of work – highlighting his thoughts and feeling towards health and fitness, as well as links to his social media accounts.

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