Jamario Horus Celestino (@starplayer_j)


Starplayer_j is an ambitious 26-year-old, who loves travelling and living a wholesome and fulfilling life. His real name is Jamario Horus Celestino, however, on Instagram, his handle is “starplayer_j.” He has more than five thousand followers, and he posts often about different countries he travels to and the different things he experiences there. He is also a YouTuber and thus, leads a very busy work life because of juggling different social media accounts and also working professionally as a contractor. His Instagram bio says that he is on a journey to master his mind, body, and spirit, to make sure they are all in alignment and to live a life of ease and fulfillment. However, it’s not easy to achieve this while also working full time. Fortunately, Jamario has managed to do it and now he aims to guide others as well to lead a happy and rewarding lifestyle.

Jamario is originally from the city of Birmingham in Alabama. However, he currently resides in Qatar and works as a contractor. He attended a public research university in his hometown, called the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), where he majored in international studies. After graduating, he served in the US Air Force for six years and was able to make it to the rank of staff sergeant. Some of his passions include travelling, seeing, and experiencing new places and learning different languages and cultures. Jamario’s favorite past time growing up was playing video games and it shouldn’t just be categorized as a hobby because he feels he learned a lot about real-life from them. Thus, it is evident that he has accomplished many things in his life, even though he hasn’t even reached thirty yet. However, still, the most important thing is that every experience he has lived has taught him something and made him grow as a person, be it playing video games or serving in the army. This is why he is able to lead such a healthy and happy life now.

Travelling is something Jamario is extremely passionate about and keeps it as his top priority. He was only ten years old when his desire to travel began. Learning about the Great Wall of China in his fifth-grade social studies class made him more curious about other countries in the world and other wonders he could possibly experience in his real life. Thus, he decided to pursue a career that would grant him the opportunity to travel and see new and different places. Fortunately, his wish came true and his six years in the Air Force led him to travelling to sixteen countries and living in three countries outside the United States. It was an amazing cultural experience for him, that he will always remember and reminisce about.


Not only has travelling shaped Jamario’s personal life, but also his work life. He was studying abroad in A Coruña, Spain when he discovered his passion for teaching. Soon, teaching became a way for him to inspire his students, by narrating his multiple travel stories and telling them about all the obstacles he had to overcome in life to be successful. The idea of sharing his experiences and having other people benefit from them really stayed with Jamario and that is why he decided to start his own YouTube channel this year. It is called “Become a Starplayer” and the main focus is to give advice to his followers on how to excel in the game of life and become a “starplayer,” as he has. He wants to guide people on how to live a rewarding life, being the best version of themselves, and not compromising on anything. One thing he strongly believes in is that “the game doesn’t get easier; you just get better.” This means that as long as you work hard and push yourself, you can achieve anything you wouldn’t have previously been able to, thus reflecting personal growth rather than easy obstacles.

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