Emil (@emil.offiziell)


It has been rightly said that wherever the dancer steps with his foot, a source of life springs from the dust. And it is true because artists know only the language of love and peace. In this connection, you are introduced to a professional dancer and star choreographer who can never live without performing and a stage. His name is Emil.

Emil is from Germany and has been passionate about dancing since his childhood and that’s the reason he pursued his career as a dancer and choreographer.  He started his journey to be a dancer by being one of the participants in “Das Supertalent” by RTL. According to him the biggest achievement of his dancing career is when he was acknowledged to be the best dancer by Top star Dieter Bohlen and this acknowledgment made him work harder in this field. He started believing in himself and his abilities. He is an optimistic person who never thinks negatively and always hopes for the best. Emil owns his own dance studios (STUDIO ENERGY) and a dance agency where he produces the best dancers and choreographers. Emil has had the opportunity to work as the official choreographer of “The Dome” with some notable artists. Moreover, he as a choreographer has coached various international stars too. He has a very charming and fascinating personality and due to his attractive personality, he is featured in the press and is invited to various events. He has been one of the jury members at various dance competitions.


Moreover, Let’s Dance pro dancer Katja Kalugina has been his official dance partner. His view about dancing with his partner is that Dancing is the symbiosis of two individuals who together follow a rhythm and passionately indulge in the music. Additionally, he has always been determined and committed towards his profession, and because of his commitment and dedication; he has got many achievements and his name and fame. In this regard, he gives the credit of his being what he is today to Dieter Bohlen because Dieter Bohlen believed that one day he would be the best dancer. These words stimulated Emil to work untiringly and practice vigorously and due to his sincere efforts that he put into being the best dancer, success kissed his feet and he became the famous Professional dancer and Choreographer. Apart from this, he is a very cheerful person in his personal life and knows very well how to enjoy every moment of his life. He besides being a selfless person is down to earth and loves serving humanity unconditionally. This can be witnessed from the fact that he, in his studios, teaches dancing to the poor children without charging them. This makes him a very lovable and adorable person. That’s why he is liked and loved by the people around him.

In addition to this, Emil loves and enjoys dancing. In this connection, he is of the opinion that it is about having fun dancing and the best way to do it is to move the body the way it wants to move. Apart from this, he defines dancing as, “Dancing means sweaty hair, heated feet, passionate movements and pure enjoyment of life.” From this one can easily get to know that he loves his profession very much.

Furthermore, in spite of being very busy training others and attending different events, he has been able to successfully create a balance between his professional, personal, and social life. He is a friendly person and found to be active on social media and that can be known from the fact that he has been able to garner 10.5K followers on his Instagram account where he keeps updating his fans and followers about his personal and professional activities. In every picture shared on his Instagram account, he is found with a shining smile on his face. More can be learned about this personality if he is followed on his Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/emil.offiziell/). His official website (https://www.emilofficial.com/) can be visited too for this purpose.

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