Christian Paul Watches (@christianpaulwatches)


The value of time can be defined as unfathomable with unpredictable power to exert energy towards a fruitful life. Those who know the art of putting their efforts in the right direction to make a perfect balance between passion and profession have the power to attain achieve enduring happiness. Efficiency along with spirit to take risk knotted with opportunity is what makes a renowned company known as, Christian Paul Watches. Expertise in high-end watch manufacturing company Christian Paul is based in Sydney, capital of New South Wales, the most populous city of Australia. Founded and owned by Timothy Caruana a young passionate belonged to Sydney, who named this well-known company as Christian Paul after his son.

The popularity of the Christian Paul Watches proved that it was his time to show caste his talent and enthusiasm towards a unique and innovative time frame. Interestingly, after getting inspired by the sweeping white-sand crescent of one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Bondi beach. The golden sand with a stunning view captivated the heart of the owner. Soon, the mastermind Timothy Caruana designed a timepiece of marble incorporating the shades of golden-white rusty sand of Bondi beach.

“I had a marble design in mind, and I knew it was special.”

Timothy launched his company with his first timepiece inspired by the elegancy of Bondi beach which captured the heart of millions. Since then the unbeatable marble design with an exceptional combination of the colour palette is not only famous among the people of Australia, but it is the reason behind turning Christian Paul a globally recognized brand.

However, the successful journey of Christian Paul was not confined to its classic style. Today, the company is famous for fostering a lifestyle with a wide range of graceful collections of watches, such as Alpha-V, Garry Flaming, Marble, Raw, Capital, and iconic styles of Luxe collection. Meanwhile, the company is popular for promoting a punctual lifestyle for both men and women.

The popularity of Christian Paul watches is also tangled with a renowned superstar Selena Gomez, who appreciated and acknowledge the brand on a Sydney show where she was gifted the Christian Paul watch by one of her die-heart fans. Fascinatingly, she took off her Rolex to wear the classic style of Christian Paul. The incident captured a huge market share with that effective brand ambassador advertising of Salena Gomez by posing in front of the press with the aesthetic style of Christian Paul. Since then, the collection of a tremendous number is sold out every year to her die-heart fans.


While elaborating on the attractive traditional touch to modern designs, the company is offering a lifestyle denoted as Caribbean Dreamers. With Cuban cultural delicacy, Christian Paul is a company not only selling punctuality, but every collection is a story full of dreams. With gorgeous designs, the company has captivated the heart of its customers to experience the Caribbean adventure.

With more than 100K followers, Christian Paul is a company selling delicacy to its customers. Through its official Instagram account @christianpaulwatches, the delighted customers are updated with innovative styles of timepieces. Along with that, the company can also be found with the Caribbean adventure offered on major social media platforms such as; Facebook and Twitter with @christianpaul. The well-known global watchmaking company can be accessed through its official website  for its local and international heart-warming customers.

From an idea to inception, Timothy showed the world that it was his time to endorse a luxurious lifestyle. The combination of Bondi beach unified with marble design resulted in a well-known global watch manufacturing company. Today, the Sydney based company is not only successful for its creativity in its native country, but it is popular for selling masterpiece products throughout the world.

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