Arigato The Grateful (@arigatothegrateful)


Arigato the Grateful is a cat that is of the breed called lynx point Siamese. A Lynx Point Siamese cat results from the mating of a colorpoint cat and a Tabby cat.

Arigato the Grateful is a gray-colored cat, who appears to be very friendly. Through its photos, one can identify its inquisitive and playful nature. The cat is very adored by its family and is treated like a human child. It seems to have a very calm attitude. However, it absolutely despises heat and summers. It loves to be in a cooler environment, for which it demands its owners to turn the air conditioning on. The cat wishes to be in a place where there is snow.

Arigato the Grateful was found on its owner’s doorstep just before a storm in winter. This was the first time the cat had met its new owners. Later, it was found that the cat had been disowned and sent away by its previous owner, who happened to be their neighbors. The cat does not miss its old home. Rather, it is very and grateful to have found a new home and enjoys living with its new owners, who it refers to as her parents. The owners of Arigato the Grateful take the cat along in most of their travels, be it by car or an airplane. The cat is treated as a family and is loved like a child.

Arigato the Grateful (@arigatothegrateful)  has over 19.7 thousand Instagram followers and is adored by a large number of people. People were introduced to the world of Arigato the Grateful through an Instagram post on 21st September 2019.


Through the cat’s official Instagram page, one can see how very pampered the cat is. Arigato the Grateful can be seen enjoying a ride on a Porsche while comfortably sitting on the steering wheel. Most of the captions on the cat’s photo appear to be the cat’s own thoughts that are written in the first-person point of view. The cat enjoys lavish dinner sitting on a comfortable seat along with its owners. The adventures experienced by the Arigato the Grateful are referred to as “cat-ventures”, making them all the more special for the cat.


The page does not only seek to attract cat lovers. Instead, it wishes to attract anyone who is interested in animal care or wishes to be amused by the adventures of a cat. It is made to sit at the table for dinner just like a human being would. When its parents are packing for travel, the cat helps by poking its nose between stuff and entertaining its owners. Often it hides inside the suitcases between clothes and tries to capture its parents’ attention.

Arigato the Grateful adores nature. The love it has for trees and plants is highlighted in one of its photo uploads on its social media page. In the picture, the cat expresses its admiration for nature by hugging a tree and calls itself a “tree hugger”.

The social media account dedicated to the cat aims to spread love and positive vibes. It calls for showing empathy and kindness to animals. Through the social media platform, the people running the page wish to keep its followers up to date about all the adventures that Arigato the Grateful experiences in its life. The page welcomes comments and positive messages that would help spread love.

If you’re an animal lover or are amused by cats and their interesting lives, be sure to follow the adventures of Arigato the Grateful on its social media account as arigatothegrateful.

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