Arianna Caselli (


Fitness modelling is a rapidly growing and highly competitive industry. Though it’s a relatively new category of modelling, fitness models are now just as in demand as beauty or fashion models. In this connection, this article introduces you to the Fitness Model named Arianna Caselli.

Arianna Caselli besides being a model is Traveler, TikToker, Online Influencer, and Cabin Crew Stewardess. She is 29 years of Old Italian personality. She is very beautiful and smart. Being a fitness model, she all the time loves to remain fit and for this, she is very much conscious about her health too. She being stewardess is very much passionate about traveling. It is very true that every person by nature is a traveler and does not love to be staying at one place all the time and all his/her life, he/she needs to go to explore the world to admire the beauty of nature. Moreover, by traveling to new places one comes across new people and places and gets to know more about them, their language, and culture. It opens new vistas of experience and understanding for the traveler. Likewise, Arianna likes to explore the world and for this reason, she has been to many cities of the world such as Bulgaria, Milan, and Abu Dhabi to Bangkok, London, Brisbane, and many more. From this one can get an idea about her being a professional traveler. Furthermore, she is very social too and has been able to garner more than 40K followers on her Instagram account and most of her social media contents come from her numerous trips around the world. When asked about why she chose to start this career taking up a fitness and traveller persona she said she did so because she wanted to share her passion for travel, beauty, fitness, and to help brands grow. She has worked with small and upcoming brands such as the fitness apparel site @justbestrong and makes promotions for them by wearing their clothes.

Being a stewardess, she certainly has had her fair share of travelling, but in one of her posts, she says “being on an aircraft for 15hrs kills me a little bit each time, my face and other body parts swell to like three times their normal size” and being a stewardess is truly a difficult job; it takes a lot from you and one has to sacrifice one’s sleep and important moments of one’s life for the sake of building such a career. But Arianna does it well and allows herself to have the pleasure of a well-deserved layover/vacation every now and then.

In addition to this, she in her personal life is very cheerful who knows how to enjoy every moment of her life. She has got a loving heart and a caring soul and is a very lovable and adorable person. She is loved and admired by many of her followers. She loves her family a lot and likes spending her time with her mother. She even goes on a trip along with her mother and this can be witnessed from her various posts on her Instagram account. Apart from this, she even has an interesting hobby of being a gun enthusiast as she is found doing cross target practicing at a gun range in her post.

Arianna has an account on TikTok too whereas of today she has 38.8K followers, she mostly posts videos on her daily routine, fitness, and exercise. And occasionally she makes funny skits to keep up with the trends as well. Her videos are liked by her followers and she is encouraged to make more. More can be learned about this fascinating lady if she is followed on her Instagram account ( and TikTok (

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