Anthony Schwartz (@mr._.schwartz)


TikTok allows its users to have a huge variety of filters, people create new challenges that seem to be every hour and a constant stream of new content that never seems to end. As the world undergoes self-isolation in their homes due to the outbreak of COVID-19, TikTok observes a surge in people on the app creating content. It is not a bad thing too! With everyone in their homes, it is bound to get depressing. Through TikTok, people look at an endless stream of videos they like and entertain themselves with. It is also through the app that they make their own videos and keep themselves busy.

Anthony Schwartz is one such person. He is a 24-year-old originally from Honduras who moved to New York to be reunited with his mother after a whole ten years when he was of 14 years of age. In the ten years that Anthony has been in the United States for, the country has changed dramatically and his life has too. When he stepped into the country, he did not know any English but was fully determined to learn it. His time in the States has also been of self-growth and learning, he has been able to come out as a gay person and now lives in Miami. Anthony aims to open a wildlife foundation one day where he can have animals under his care. He also wants to travel more and explore as much of the planet as he can. In his free time, he likes to draw and paint portraits and landscapes using charcoal and his gingers. His main goal for this year is to bring in a lot of new content to his social media and start taking makeup artistry classes.

Anthony has been working in a Japanese company for more than five years now. Through that, he got to travel to Japan and learn about Omotenashi, which is the unique Japanese approach to hospitality. This concept taught him that acting on others needs without being asked to so which he incorporates in his everyday life. When he still lived in New York and got the scholarship to attend Parsons, he made sure he would be a member of the organisation, “Make the Road” which is one of the largest grassroots’ immigrant-led organisation in New York. There he actively participated in community service and fighting for LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights both.

Even as a young boy, Anthony loved making people laugh and brightening up the days of everyone around him. As he was really good at it, all of his friends and family encouraged him and saw huge potential in him. It is of no surprise that he now makes similar content which is funny and light on TikTok and Instagram which makes people laugh. However, this has not been easy for Anthony. During the COVID-19 pandemic, both his mother and his step-father were tested positive for the virus in New York. Being in Miami himself, Anthony made it his mission to brighten up his parents lives all the way to New York through his videos. He made a lot of funny videos that he wished would make his parents forget about the virus even for a little while.

Anthony also has been subjected to unemployment due to the virus. He saw how all of his colleagues from his job felt depressed because of it and he decided to do his part and also try to make their days better with his videos. His friends let him know that despite everything that is going on, his videos did end up making them feel better to the point they’d keep asking for more videos!

Anthony continues to post his videos on both Instagram and TikTok which are full to the brim with comedy and hilarity. He makes sure he keeps all of his followers engaged as it is extremely easy to feel lonely in present times. He also makes sure he keeps his content unique and fresh. One can join his following of more than 14k people on @mr._.schwartz on Instagram.

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